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[Short for New Latin magnēsia alba, literally, white magnesia : Medieval Latin magnēsia, mineral ingredient in the philosopher's stone (from Greek magnēsiā, a kind of ore, talc or a talclike substance, after Magnēsiē, a region of Thessaly where it was found, from Magnēs, an inhabitant of Thessalian Magnesia) + Latin alba, feminine of albus, white.]

mag·ne′sian adj.
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Marsden Old Quarry, which has wildflower-rich magnesian limestone grassland, will also be used to create a new meadow under the Coronation Meadows Project which seeks to create at least one new meadow in every county in Britain.
Delivery of magnesian carbonate and application to aircraft (helicopter o.
On the basis of these studies we can conclude that the decrease of cement- and water demand as well as increase the quality factor as a component of composite binder with application of highly- magnesian raw material during sieving of silty fraction is achieved by reducing the content of biotite in the total mass (see Table.
Washington, January 29 ( ANI ): Using spectrometric measurements taken by MESSENGER and laboratory analyzes of Mercury surface-analogue samples, researchers have determined that the upper layers of the planet's crust most closely resemble magnesian basalt terrestrial rocks, though with lower iron concentrations.
The three-year project, which is a partnership of organisations including Hartlepool Council, aims to help promote and preserve the unique character of the Durham magnesian limestone plateau - an expanse of sedimentary rock formed 290 million years ago which stretches from almost the Tyne to the Tees and from the coast to central Durham.
2+] to produce magnesian calcite, or its precipitation with carbonate or silicate to produce, respectively, hydromagnesite and nesquehonite or sepiolite (Suarez 2005).
t] + MgO ratios and some cross into the magnesian granite field of Frost et al.
Carlin deposits occur as the result of low temperature solutions precipitating gold, silver and sulphide minerals in limey, magnesian and carbonaceous sediments, which have first been made a porous and receptive host by the effect of acid solutions emanating from nearby intrusions and fragmentation from fault activity.
The western margin of the vale is composed of Permian Magnesian Limestone and further to the west are Carboniferous Millstone Grit and Coal Measures.
Olivine is highly magnesian and shows normal zoning from cores of [Fo.
Casting of the melts was performed on MCCB through an intermediate ladle with a magnesian lining (diameter of the dosing unit channels is 16.
The Knox Dolomite, a massively bedded, partially crystalline, gray magnesian limestone of Cambrian and Ordovician age, is some 3500 feet thick in this area.