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A white, yellowish, or brown mineral, magnesium carbonate, MgCO3, used in the manufacture of magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide.


(Minerals) a white, colourless, or lightly tinted mineral consisting of naturally occurring magnesium carbonate in hexagonal crystalline form: a source of magnesium and also used in the manufacture of refractory bricks. Formula: MgCO3
[C19: from magnesium + -ite1]


(ˈmæg nəˌsaɪt)

a mineral, magnesium carbonate, MgCO3, usu. occurring in white masses: a source of magnesium oxide.
[< French magnésite (1797); see magnesia, -ite1]
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Noun1.magnesite - a white mineral consisting of magnesium carbonatemagnesite - a white mineral consisting of magnesium carbonate; a source of magnesium
atomic number 12, magnesium, Mg - a light silver-white ductile bivalent metallic element; in pure form it burns with brilliant white flame; occurs naturally only in combination (as in magnesite and dolomite and carnallite and spinel and olivine)
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Summary: The leaching kinetics of calcined magnesite in aqueous lactic acid solutions was investigated in a batch reactor by using parameters such as temperature, acid concentration, particle size, solid/liquid ratio, and stirring speed.
In India, a Magnesite mine becomes the major profit earing sector in short time.
As the company starts to generate cash flow, it plans to build three plants: one for talc, one for magnesite, and a magnesium thermal reduction plant, which will reduce the magnesite to a metal (magnesium).
Microflotation tests of single mineral and artificial mixtures of magnesite, dolomite, and quartz with DDA as the collector are conducted, and the results are compared and verified by the theoretical predictions of the Extended-DLVO theory based on van Oss's interaction energy calculation.
In the current study succinic acid has been used as a leaching agent to extract magnesium from magnesite ore.
Among specific topics are improving the mechanical properties of lightweight ceramics by adding alumina fiber, the low-temperature synthesis of cordierite using magnesite, the influence of nitrogen-doped titania nanocomposite film on the hydrophilic property of rubber dipping former surface, the photocatalytic performance of zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesized by a microwave-assisted process using zinc dust waste as a starting material, the influence of the laminate configurations of transparent armor on its ballistic protection, and using the polka dot technique of color slip for ceramic decoration.
Magnesita owns some of the largest and highest quality magnesite deposits in the world with total estimated reserves of about 200 years.
122 thousand tonnes, apatite and phosphorite 173 thousand tonnes, dolomite 642 thousand tonnes, limestone 255 lakh tonnes, magnesite 17 thousand tonnes and diamond 5118 carat.
Perth, Australia, Feb 5, 2014 - (ABN Newswire) - Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) announce the Half Yearly Report and Accounts and exploration activities during the six months ended 31 December 2013 focused on exploration of the Group's Campoona Graphite projects, the Bartel Epithermal gold prospect, the Ketchowla manganese deposit and on the Leigh Creek Magnesite deposits.
Considering the initial evidences, the existence of scattered Hontite and Magnesite in rock outcrops was observed.
10 In 1938 Steetley Magnesite opened on the coast at Hartlepool to produce magnesium.
Turkey possesses known deposits of 77 of the 90 marketable minerals, most notably boron, feldspar, marble, baryte, celestite, emery, limestone, magnesite, perlite and pumice.