magnetic attraction

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Noun1.magnetic attraction - attraction for ironmagnetic attraction - attraction for iron; associated with electric currents as well as magnets; characterized by fields of force
attraction, attractive force - the force by which one object attracts another
electromagnetism - magnetism produced by an electric current; "electromagnetism was discovered when it was observed that a copper wire carrying an electric current can magnetize pieces of iron or steel near it"
antiferromagnetism - magnetic field creates parallel but opposing spins; varies with temperature
diamagnetism - phenomenon exhibited by materials like copper or bismuth that become magnetized in a magnetic field with a polarity opposite to the magnetic force; unlike iron they are slightly repelled by a magnet
ferromagnetism - phenomenon exhibited by materials like iron (nickel or cobalt) that become magnetized in a magnetic field and retain their magnetism when the field is removed
paramagnetism - materials like aluminum or platinum become magnetized in a magnetic field but it disappears when the field is removed
References in classic literature ?
If they continued to sing like their great predecessor of romantic themes, they were drawn as by a kind of magnetic attraction into the Homeric style and manner of treatment, and became mere echoes of the Homeric voice: in a word, Homer had so completely exhausted the epic genre, that after him further efforts were doomed to be merely conventional.
He, however, darted not the less quickly toward Milady, yielding to that magnetic attraction which the loadstone exercises over iron.
But Francine--still influenced by the magnetic attraction which drew her to Emily--did not conceal from herself that she had offered the provocation, and had been therefore the person to blame.
Additionally, the lack of iron cores in an LSM's forcer provides smoother motion because there is no risk of cogging due to magnetic attraction.
Encounters between humans and insects are unavoidable and there seems to be a magnetic attraction that drives us closer, much to our disapproval.
These succeed in showing how a force can enable an athlete to perform a high jump or how magnetic attraction is utilised.
The headphones come in a magnetic attraction design; keep them plugged to your ears or hang them around your neck.
They are well aware of this metamorphosis of children; their near magnetic attraction to wards prominent brands.
The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps them joined when the lower esophageal sphincter is at rest.
When the swallow, vomit or belching mechanism is initiated, the peristaltic pressure overcomes the magnetic attraction and the sphincter opens to allow passage of food and gas.
As the storm traps them together in Claudie's cabin, both women grapple with a magnetic attraction.
The magnetic attraction between the beads augments the existing esophageal sphincter's barrier function to prevent reflux.