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It can be seen that, among the three stabilizing agents, the lowest affinity to the magnetic core belongs to GLU (0.54%) and the highest belongs to TCA (7.28%) while SAL exhibits intermediary affinity (2.50%).
The magnetic core sticks to the supporting magnets and aims at improving the sensitivity of the accelerometer.
These topologies cannot create fast-rising current spikes nor cause magnetic core saturation under erroneous conditions.
The logical question arises whether it is possible to replace the laminated magnetic core with a homogeneous medium with some calculated values of the specific electrical resistance, so that for a two-dimensional magnetic field approximation, the loss from eddy currents in this medium is equal to the losses in the volume of the real magnetic core?
Magnetic core drills or "Magdrills" for short are an essential tool for anyone involved in the production and installation of structural steel.
It is due to its superparamagnetic behaviour, which is easily controlled by the nanometric size of the magnetic core, and because the Fe is suitable for biomedical applications.
In general power inductor power loss can be divided into winding ([P.sub.w]) and magnetic core ([]) losses.
These motors also feature low magnetic core losses.
The nanoparticles also carry a fluorescent dye and an iron oxide magnetic core, which is why their locations within the cells and the body can be seen by optical imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Weisberg also attributes "large magnetic core memories" to SAGE, whereas Forrester invented the magnetic core memory at MIT as part of the Whirlwind Project.
The distribution of the magnetic field in the window of the magnetic core of the current limiter at the nominal mode, which is calculated in the FEMM package, is shown in Fig.