magnetic dipole

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Noun1.magnetic dipole - a dipole with opposing magnetic polesmagnetic dipole - a dipole with opposing magnetic poles
dipole - a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance
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Metamaterials have the property of enhancing radiation and magnetic dipole antennas.
The motion of an electron cloud around an atomic nucleus in the form of opposing orbitals creates a magnetic dipole torque.
NMHA is equivalent to a combination of an electric dipole and a magnetic dipole. Therefore, NMHA gives designers more freedom to adjust the size for achieving self-resonant structures.
The detumbling module of the algorithm is based on the popular B-dot control, here rearranged to explicitly generate a magnetic dipole moment constantly orthogonal to the geomagnetic field vector.
In this paper we consider a different situation where the magnetic field is not anymore externally generated but is generated from inside the sample, e.g., an infinitesimal magnetic dipole placed at the center of a mesoscopic sphere.
(1) The car at the ~25 m+ distance can be well modeled as a single magnetic dipole
Higher-latitude coronal holes can also become geoeffective as a result of the tilt of the solar magnetic dipole and the inclination of the solar spin axis with respect to the ecliptic.
Applying this idea to the contour of the molecular magnetization current [i.sub.m], we arrive at a microscopic homogeneous double layer of fictitious magnetic charges, which is equivalent to a magnetic dipole.
As a first attempt to explore the behavior of this system we will consider both the large current loop and the magnetic dipole. We choose these due to their nice symmetric structure with our current geometry and their difference on dependence on the radius.
(Electrons don't spin, it is just shorthand for "maintaining their magnetic dipole moment.")