magnetic drum

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magnet′ic drum′

a cylinder coated with magnetic material, for storing computer data and programs.
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For another example, the report stated the "magnetic power of new magnetic drum separators may be incorporated into your old model.
Spreader-feeders are also used to supply a carefully controlled flow of feed material to magnetic drum separators, and computerised optical and X-ray sorting machines, which require an evenly spread, single item thick 'curtain' of feed to be presented to the illumination source and sensors.
The Blast Cleaning Technologies design is a major improvement and saves the life of the magnetic drum.
The sludge goes to a magnetic drum that draws off the magnetite for reuse.
We even offer an upgrade kit for the rotaLEN, so you can insert a magnetic drum and engrave RotaPlate as well as RotaMesh screens.
The agreement enables IPS to bring a range of high quality filtration products including paper band filters, chip conveyors and magnetic drum filters direct to the UK's metal manufacturers and processors.
Feeder delivers a uniform feed distribution across the width of the magnetic drum separator