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Part of the reason why consumer drives haven't grown more quickly is because technologies like Shingled Magnetic Recording, which allows tracks to overlap each other like shingles, increases storage capacity but decreases performance.
Other prominent next-generation technologies are shingled magnetic recording, two-dimensional magnetic recording, heat-assisted magnetic recording and Helium-filled hard disk drives.
We had perpendicular recording and single magnetic recording (SMR), the next could be the heat assisted magnetic recording and these changes and evolutions in technology could be the key reasons why within the same space we could see hard drives with even higher capacities and those that offer greater performance," he said.
Sadeghian's presentation was titled "Detector for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording.
Bit-patterned media, as opposed to traditional disk drives, divides the magnetic recording surface into millions of uniform sections, each containing only a few magnetic grains, which measure 17nm metres in width, and can store one bit of data each.
5" HDD offerings to incorporate advanced perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR)(1) technology for enhanced storage capacity.
The lines focus on new perpendicular magnetic recording HDs, a technology SDK commercialized in June 2005.
The superparamagnetic effect on current magnetic recording technologies will make that growth impossible within one to two years.
Hitachi employs approximately 4,500 people at its two existing Shenzhen manufacturing companies, which produce key disk drive components, such as magnetic recording heads and storage media.
Thin films of various metals are used by the microelectronics community to produce, for example, solderable surface finishes, magnetic recording media, and copper wiring in printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.
The most sophisticated magnetic recording devices have since gone from storing 2,000 bits of information per square inch to 60 gigabits per square inch, says Mark Kryder of Scotts Valley, Caif.
In the latest development, Hitachi and the Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies have developed a new perpendicular magnetic recording technology for writing as much as five gigabytes of data, similar to the storage capacity of a digital video disk (DVD), on to a hard disk with a diameter of one inch, or 2.