magnetic resonance scanner

magnet′ic res′onance scan`ner

a diagnostic scanner used in magnetic resonance imaging.
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The main finding of the present study was that low-field (0.2 Tesla) open magnetic resonance scanner may be used efficiently to diagnose anterior cruciate ligament injury and the pathological conditions in the knee.
Contained within its pages are amazing images and technical descriptions of the world's first whole body human clinical magnetic resonance scanner operating at 8 Tesla.
The Magnetic Resonance scanner will allow scientists to carry out a wider range of scans and learn more about what happens in the brain of an Alzheimer's sufferer as well as making it easier to detect the disease at an earlier stage.
The open-interventional magnetic resonance scanner used in this study not only provided excellent soft tissue resolution but also allowed continuous monitoring of thermal ablation throughout the procedure, the investigators said.
Monty is now patron of the Bypass the Bypass appeal which aims to raise pounds 2.7million for a magnetic resonance scanner at Glasgow's Western Infirmary.
delivery of a single piece of MR compatible LCD monitor is required to present visual stimuli for the performance of functional examinations on the Siemens magnetic resonance scanner by Prisma 3T magnet.
1950s Magpies favourite Charlie is suffering from the degenerative disease and is leading the campaign to raise more than pounds 1.5m for a new magnetic resonance scanner for Newcastle University's Campus for Ageing and Vitality.
Contract notice: 24/18 amd decree, for the maintenance of a magnetic resonance scanner of the nca, through the conclusion of a four (4) year framework agreement with an estimated value of eur 218 000.00.
Funds raised will go to the Charlie Crowe Appeal, which is attempting to raise pounds 500,000 towards a new magnetic resonance scanner at Newcastle University's Campus for Aging and Vitality.
Charlie's appeal is attempting to raise the funds for a new magnetic resonance scanner be used at Newcastle University's Campus for Aging and Vitality.
The magnetic resonance scanner will be used at Newcastle University's Campus for Aging and Vitality, where Charlie's daughter, 61-year-old Lesley Edmondson, is a secretary.
Contract award notice: Delivery of magnetic resonance scanner (mri) with 3 tesla field induction with necessary equipment.

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