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a. Of or relating to magnetism or magnets.
b. Having the properties of a magnet.
c. Capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet.
d. Operating by means of magnetism: a magnetic recorder.
2. Relating to the magnetic poles of the earth: a magnetic compass bearing.
3. Having an unusual power or ability to attract: a magnetic personality.

mag·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.magnetically - by the use of magnetismmagnetically - by the use of magnetism; "magnetically contaminated material"
2.magnetically - as if by magnetismmagnetically - as if by magnetism; "he was magnetically attracted to her"
á heillandi hátt
mıknatıssal olarak


[mægˈnetɪkəlɪ] ADVmagnéticamente


adv (lit, fig)magnetisch; she is magnetically attractive/sensualsie/ihre Sinnlichkeit übt eine magnetische Anziehungskraft aus; to be magnetically drawn to somebody/somethingvon jdm/etw magnetisch angezogen werden


[mægˈnɛtɪklɪ] advmagneticamente


(ˈmӕgnit) noun
a piece of iron, or of certain other materials, that attracts or repels other pieces of iron etc.
magˈnetic (-ˈne-) adjective
1. of, or having the powers of, or operating by means of, a magnet or magnetism. magnetic force.
2. strongly attractive. a magnetic personality.
magˈnetically adverb
ˈmagnetism noun
1. power of attraction. his personal magnetism.
2. (the science of) magnets and their power of attraction. the magnetism of the earth.
ˈmagnetize, ˈmagnetise verb
1. to make magnetic. You can magnetize a piece of iron.
2. to attract or influence strongly. She's the kind of person who can magnetize others.
magnetic field
the area in which the pull of a magnet, or thing acting like a magnet, is felt. the earth's magnetic field.
magnetic north
the direction, either east or west of the true north, in which a magnetized needle points.
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cried Ahab, with a wild approval in his tones; observing the hearty animation into which his unexpected question had so magnetically thrown them.
auto, type E, three-pole, magnetically isolating; auto, type E, three-pole, magnetically isolating; automatic type A, three-pole with neutral, with a thermal breaker
The presence of significant external fields has been observed to eliminate or mitigate premature terminations of the plasma discharge due to various instabilities that are common to other magnetically confined plasma experiments.
JR Tokai) plans to run its magnetically levitated trains, scheduled for launch in 2027, through tunnels along around 80 percent of the 286-kilometer route between Tokyo and Nagoya, sources familiar with the plan said Tuesday.
Specifically, this strategy uses stents as a platform for magnetically targeted gene delivery, where genes are moved to cells at arterial injury locations without causing unwanted side effects to other organs.
The innovative drive concept hermetically seals the magnetically coupled rotary vane pumps.
Sealless magnetically driven pumps are said to be recognised as being the ideal solution for handling aggressive liquids and the T MAG-M pump from 3M is a good example of a pump which is said to be ideally suited to challenging pumping applications.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: The local government of Karbala agreed on Monday to build a magnetically levitating train to link Karbala with three southern provinces, chairman of the panning and reconstruction commission of the Karbala council said.
New Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pumps ITF Flojet (www.
Where pumping applications involve aggressive, hard-to-handle fluids, the features and benefits of magnetically driven, sealless pumps make them an ideal choice for challenging applications.
The family of thin wire with diameters in the range of 1-30[micro]m has gained importance in the literature recently, they say, because they combine excellent soft magnetic properties with attractive magneto-transport properties and an unusual re-magnetification process in positive magnetostriction compositions that exhibit magnetically bistable behavior and quite fast domain wall propagation.
A range of eight magnetically detectable compounds for use in food manufacturing and similar applications where there is a requirement to detect plastic parts in production lines has been introduced by TBA Electro Conductive Products.

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