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tr.v. mag·net·ized, mag·net·iz·ing, mag·net·iz·es
1. To make magnetic.
2. To attract, charm, or influence: a campaign speech that magnetized the crowd.

mag′net·iz′a·ble adj.
mag′net·iz′er n.
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[ˌmægnɪˈtaɪzəbl] ADJmagnetizable
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In their study, when a pair of permanent magnets was placed on top and bottom of a specimen, oil-based magnetizable particles transformed from a fluid state into a solid state.
Validation of High Gradient Magnetic Field Based Drug Delivery to Magnetizable Implants Under Flow.
Moreover, the change in viscosity is continuous and reversible, i.e., after removing the magnetic field the MR fluid can revert to a free-flowing liquid [7], Classical MR fluids are non-colloidal suspensions of magnetizable particles, having a size of the order of a few microns, in liquids of low permeability.
Their method uses nanomagnets, which are developed by attaching magnetizable atoms on to a silica surface.
A magnetorheological fluid (MRF) is a smart soft material with a dramatic rheological magnetic field-response, which increases the apparent viscosity of the MRF suspension [1], proportional to the strength of the magnetic field [2] due to the high concentration of magnetizable micro size particles [3, 4], typically spherical [5], and suspended in a nonmagnetic carrier [6].
After the incubation period, the magnetizable immune complex was passed over a separation column and placed in the magnetic field of a MACS Separator.
But Mars doesn't have a global magnetic field; instead, it has remanent fields, ghost fields locked into the surface when molten, magnetizable rocks solidified during the brief era that the planet did have a global field, more than 4 billion years ago.
FerroFilter electromagnetic separators remove fine magnetizable particles to submicron size from dry materials or fluids.
Elastosil R 781/80 is a solid silicone rubber filled with tiny magnetizable particles.
MREs consist of micron sized silicon rubber matrix and magnetizable carbonyl sphere particles (about 3 to 5 [micro]m).
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