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tr.v. mag·net·ized, mag·net·iz·ing, mag·net·iz·es
1. To make magnetic.
2. To attract, charm, or influence: a campaign speech that magnetized the crowd.

mag′net·iz′a·ble adj.
mag′net·iz′er n.
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Thus it is that the somnambulic subjects of the 'fluidist' magnetizer see the fluid emanating from his finger-tips, while the somnambules of the hypnotizer see nothing, and those of the spiritist discover spirits everywhere, the same being invisible for the somnambules of the materialist." In this way the unconscious played tricks on both the subject and the experimenter (Ochorowicz 1891, pp.36, 39).
When the Reviews Accelerator is used in conjunction with the program's other distinct features, such as the First-time Client Magnetizer, Lost Client Resurrection, Client Referral Ignitor, Automated Pre-made Email Marketing Campaigns, Pre-made Social Media Campaigns, along with Online Booking Credit Card Pre-Authorization containing a set online cancellation policy so salons never have to worry about getting $0 for a cancellation or a no-show again.
The technique can be proposed for the optimization of different scientific problems, like pole face optimization of a magnetizer [36], optimization of parameters of least squares support vector machine [37], data clustering [38], scheduling of thermal power systems [39], or power flow optimization [40].
Equation (21) means that the effect of the ferrofluid between armature and magnetizer can be equivalent to the spring and damper connected in parallel, as shown in Figure 6.
The power-ups included in the update are The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Power Hitter, Spike, Swapper and Tornado.
In August, 1842, he informed the readers of the New York Sunday Times that "[s]ome seasons ago" he had ceased to be "a devout disbeliever in the science of Animal Magnetism," a few lectures and demonstrations having convinced him that "there is such a thing as Mesmeric sleep" and that the "strange things done by the subject at the will of the Magnetizer" are not the result of collusion or fraud, but that hypnotic manipulation and "Mesmeric somnambulism" are beneficial.
In addition to the sealing issue, a low-friction magnetizer was used to minimize friction during the run.
A few samples were also, after AF-demagnetization, progressively magnetized up to 900 mT or 2 T using the Magnetic Measurements pulse magnetizer (MMPM10) and then stepwise demagnetized ([less than or equal to] 100 mT) using LDA-3 to obtain information about saturation remanent magnetization ([M.sub.RS]).
So after 8 days, pool water sucked by the pump and after the passed through a sand filter, disinfected and then magnetized by magnetizer and returned back to the pond.
Moreover, there is the magnetizer which connects the two adjacent mover modules.