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n. pl. mag·ne·tos
A device that produces alternating current for distribution to the spark plugs, used in the ignition systems of some internal-combustion engines.

[Short for magnetoelectric machine.]


n, pl -tos
(Automotive Engineering) a small electric generator in which the magnetic field is produced by a permanent magnet, esp one for providing the spark in an internal-combustion engine
[C19: short for magnetoelectric generator]


(mægˈni toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
a small electric generator in which permanent magnets provide the magnetic field.


a combining form representing magnetic or magnetism in compound words: magnetometer.
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Noun1.magneto - a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline enginemagneto - a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine
generator - engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction
ignition system, ignition - the mechanism that ignites the fuel in an internal-combustion engine


[mægˈniːtəʊ] Nmagneto f


nMagnetzünder m


[mægˈniːtəʊ] n (Elettr) → magnete m
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