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Of or relating to electricity produced by magnetic means.

mag·ne′to·e·lec·tric′i·ty (-ĭ-lĕk-trĭs′ĭ-tē, -ē′lĕk-) n.


(mægˌni toʊ ɪˈlɛk trɪk)

also mag•ne`to•e•lec′tri•cal,

of or pertaining to the induction of electric current or electromotive force by means of permanent magnets.
[1831 (Faraday)]
mag•ne`to•e•lec•tric′i•ty (-ɪ lɛkˈtrɪs ɪ ti, -ˌi lɛk-) n.
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These nanorobots will integrate a porous inorganic active chassis made of a piezoelectric or a magnetoelectric multiferroic that will host therapeutic agents, With redox or electroresponsive supramolecular gates that will control the release of payloads.
The newer magnetoelectric units have as many as 10,000 measuring points for incredible accuracy.
Chougule, Dielectric Behaviour in Magnetoelectric Composites, Physics Letters A, 346, 337 (2005).
Among the topics are single-phase type-I multiferroics: resolving the seemingly contradictive requirements for ferroelectrity and magnetism, bulk magnetoelectric composites: direct and converse magnetoelectric effects, the Landau theory of multiferroics, first-principle calculations for multiferroic BiFeO3, and topological vortex defects in an improper ferroelectric.
Known as a magnetoelectric multiferroic material, it combines electrical and magnetic properties at room temperature and relies on a phenomenon called "planar rumpling.
We point out that theoretical formalism developed in this work uses only two effective tensors: permittivity and permeability (25), unlike the bianisotropic response [4-7], which uses four effective tensors (permittivity, permeability, and two magnetoelectric tensors).
Amongst such materials, the one that exhibit simultaneous presence of ferromagnetic / antiferromagnetic and ferroelectric / antiferroelectric properties are known as magnetoelectric materials.
Another method for increasing the efficiency of nanoparticle endocytosis is known as magnetoelectric perforation.
Among the topics are magnetic/multifunctional double perovskite oxide thin films, defect-induced optical and magnetic properties of colloidal transparent conducting oxide nanocrystals, multiferroics with magnetoelectric coupling, X-ray spectroscopic studies of conducting interfaces between two insulating oxides, and hybrid solar cells from ordered nanostructures.
The concept car, which will be revealed in the metal at the Frankfurt motor show next week, has an electric drive based on the current smart fortwo electric drive with the 55 kW magnetoelectric motor housed at the rear.
In this paper, a wideband magnetoelectric dipole antenna composed of a pair of horizontal triangular patches and two vertically oriented L-shaped strips is proposed.
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