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An instrument used for measuring the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field.

mag′ne·to·met′ric (-tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
mag′ne·tom′e·try n.
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Technical conditions of measurement: - magnetometric measurement with a gradiometer arrangement with a measuring range of at least 10 t - probe density at a maximum distance of 25 cm - real-time rtk-dgps positioning, Preferably with base-rover pairing with second-to-second synchronization, Expected positioning accuracy of at least 0.05 m - parallel measurement of at least 16 channels, With a reference capacity of at least 20 hectares per day - use of ip67 instruments (high dust and drop resistance) - high flexibility, Starting measurement within 5 business days from order.
Based on magnetometric measurements, additional trial trenches were created in various parts of the field (see Fig.
Detected by aerial photographs taken in 1997 (Lago et al, 1998), knowledge about its layout was greatly enhanced by magnetometric surveys carried out in 2009 (Marquez-Romero et al, 2011a) (Fig.
The aim of this work is to study the magnetic state of ternary quasi-ordered [Fe.sub.65][Al.sub.35-x][M.sub.x] ([M.sub.x] = Ga, B; x = 5 at.%) alloys based on an analysis of the structure, Moossbauer and magnetometric data, and their comparison with the results of analogous studies of the [Fe.sub.65][Al.sub.35] alloy.
Smekalova, "magnetometric survey in the temple of athena alea at tegea--a report," T I.x, pp.
M-H hysteresis loops (from -20 to 20 kOe, 300 K) were obtained on (Quantum Design) Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) equipped with vibration magnetometric device (VSM) with 2 mm amplitude of oscillations, 40 Hz frequency.
Using an unidimensional model for long cylinders, with a ratio of length-diameter [gamma] [greater than or equal to] 10, Chen has calculated the fluxmetric demagnetization factor [N.sub.f], for -1 [less than or equal to] [chi] [infinity], and the magnetometric demagnetization factor [N.sub.m], for [chi] [right arrow] [infinity].
With regards to [5], if only traffic volume is measured, magnetometric error-rate is really similar to the classification errors of other technologies.
However, this anomaly has remained further unexplored until 2008 when Salansky (2009) realized a ground magnetometric profile across it.