magnetomotive force

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mag·ne·to·mo·tive force

n. Abbr. mmf
The work that would be required to carry a hypothetical isolated magnetic pole of unit strength completely around a magnetic circuit.

magnetomotive force

(General Physics) the agency producing a magnetic flux, considered analogous to the electromotive force in an electric circuit; equal to the circular integral of the magnetic field strength. Symbol: F

mag•ne′to•mo′tive force′

(mægˈni təˈmoʊ tɪv, -ˌni-)

a scalar quantity that is a measure of the sources of magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit.
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Noun1.magnetomotive force - the force that produces magnetic fluxmagnetomotive force - the force that produces magnetic flux
force - (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration"
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3(b)) and damps only the magnetomotive force created by the 1 and 7 windings, therefore, the magnetomotive forces developed by the 2,3,8 and 9 windings are not damped, because of this, the leakage inductance and, as a consequence, the voltage spikes in primary winding, increase.
The leakage inductance is proportional to magnetomotive force between the windings that acts in air gap of core [5] (Fig.
The reluctance force is produced by interaction of stator magnetomotive forces (mmf) and a reluctance variation produced by a toothed reactive part.
2]), the instantaneous spatial distributions of rotating magnetomotive forces generated by them are identical at any moment of time, as it can be seen from Fig.
On the basis of Table II, the electrical diagram layout of the investigated six-phase motor winding and the instantaneous distribution of rotating magnetomotive force generated by this winding were plotted.
This paper presents investigation of two types windings for six-phase induction motor, shows elaborated connection of winding sections and comparison of two types concentrated double layer windings: short pitch coil six-phase winding and full pitch coil six-phase winding, calculation and analysis of developed magnetomotive forces and spatial harmonics.
Analysis of magnetomotive forces gives information about higher harmonics, appearing in the air gap.
Research of electromagnetic factors of considered windings was accomplished using instantaneous space functions of rotating magnetomotive forces.
Instantaneous changes of magnetomotive force below slots of magnetic circuit are calculated as
changes of magnetomotive forces induced in the slot of active sides of upper and lower coils; [i.
Since winding factors estimate not only the reduction of the rotating magnetomotive forces and harmonics of internal voltages induced by them, but also reflect the relative magnitudes of amplitude values of harmonics of these variable quantities in respect of amplitude values of the same corresponding harmonics of the concentrated three-phase winding, for this reason winding factors of the odd harmonics of the analyzed winding calculated according to expression (1) will be verified using formula (2):
All these measures reduce the harmonics of rotating magnetomotive forces and induced electromotive forces.