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Deformation of a material, especially a ferromagnetic material, exposed to a magnetic field. Rapidly alternating magnetostriction causes the iron cores of transformers to hum or buzz.

mag·ne′to·stric′tive adj.
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(General Physics) a change in dimensions of a ferromagnetic material that is subjected to a magnetic field
[C19: from magneto- + constriction]
magˌnetoˈstrictive adj
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(mægˌni toʊˈstrɪk ʃən)

a change in dimensions exhibited by ferromagnetic materials when subjected to a magnetic field.
mag•ne`to•stric′tive (-təˈstrɪk tɪv) adj.
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The magnetostrictive sensor's multiposition capability allows for tool or cartridge positioning automation, significantly reducing changeover time and increasing machine productivity, according to MTS.
For small variations of the magnetic flux inside the terfenol-D the dependence of magnetostrictive displacement vs.
Ultrasonic units are either of a magnetostrictive type, in which the electromagnetic energy is converted to mechanical energy, or of a piezoelectric type, where the deformation of a crystal is converted to mechanical oscillations.
A proprietary magnetostrictive sensor, fixed inside the cylinder, senses position as the piston moves back and forth.
He defended his diploma work in 1956, entitled "Magnetostrictive memory loop", being a part of the amplitude analyzer.
Our findings indicate that the piezoelectric surgery device provides better cutting efficacy than ultrasonic devices that involve magnetostrictive technology, which converts most of the generated energy into heat.
This inherent capability of magnetostrictive linear position sensors to provide multiple axis feedback along the same plane of motion is said to make them ideal for applications such as injection molding machines, slitters, winders, multi-platen presses and machine tools, according to the manufacturer.
has added a three-wire option to its C series Core magnetostrictive linear-position sensors.
Sensors Division has developed a magnetostrictive liquid-level C-Series sensor based on its Temposonics[R] technology.
The PCST26 series of Posichron magnetostrictive position sensors has been designed for use inside of mobile hydraulic cylinders with reduced installation space.
The R-Series Synchronous Serial encoder (SSI) Interface position sensor combines design and manufacturing enhancements resulting in a fast and accurate magnetostrictive position sensor.
Company has enhanced its E-Series of Temposonics[R] magnetostrictive position sensors by adding a gradient upload capability to its digital pulse output model EP2.