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Also, the MATRIX PVD system for Advanced Packaging is configured for metal deposition utilising Intevac's patented Linear Scanning Magnet Array (LSMA) magnetron, which achieves significantly higher target utilisations compared to static planar magnetrons, the company said.
BY DAVID HOLMES @Sherlock1968 FOR two decades the derelict Chester Magnetron building under the flyover stood out for all the wrong reasons.
It gives off radiation which are similar to radio waves these waves are turned out by magnetron (a magnetron is device which is used in every microwave ovens to generate electromagnetic waves).
Additionally, operational hours of key components, such as magnetron, bulb and reflector hours are recorded.
There are many different methods for the fabrication of ITO thin films including the magnetron sputtering method [6, 7], thermal evaporation method [8], plasma ion-assisted evaporation [9], reactive electron-beam evaporation [10], and sol-gel method [11].
CINmat uses 2.45GHz commercial magnetron as the microwave source.
Different deposition techniques, such as chemical vapor deposition [8], dip coating [9], magnetron sputtering [10], are used to deposit Ti[O.sub.2] coatings.
Among these methods, the magnetron sputtering is widely used since the method is superior in its controllability and high deposition rate.
BST-SS films were prepared by RF magnetron sputtering in a system equipped with two magnetrons: BaTi[O.sub.3] (99.95%, SCI Engineered Materials Inc.) and SrTi[O.sub.3] (99.9%, SCI Engineered Materials Inc.).
In contrast to this, off-line method is applied after the glass has been produced, using a magnetron and by vacuum deposition in PVD methods, usually sputtering type.