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1. One that magnifies, especially a magnifying glass.
2. A system of optical components that magnifies.


(ˈmæg nəˌfaɪ ər)

1. a lens or combination of lenses that magnifies.
2. a person or thing that magnifies.
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Noun1.magnifier - a scientific instrument that magnifies an imagemagnifier - a scientific instrument that magnifies an image
microscope - magnifier of the image of small objects; "the invention of the microscope led to the discovery of the cell"
scientific instrument - an instrument used by scientists
telescope, scope - a magnifier of images of distant objects


(= magnifying glass)Vergrößerungsglas nt, → Lupe f
(Elec) → Verstärker m


n. amplificador; vidrio de aumento.
References in classic literature ?
Please turn that cardboard face down, and take this one, and compare it searchingly, by the magnifier, with the fatal signature upon the knife handle, and report your finding to the court.
The final newcomer from Bushnell is the "Transition," a fixed 3X magnifier that can sit behind any red dot sight.
Due to the ambiguity of nominal (magnifier power/4) and trade ((magnifier power/4) +1) magnification values and the fact that they can only be truly met under very specific and unrealistic conditions, often the best way is to determine the dioptric power of the magnifier as a starting point only and work from there.
The magnifier should be listed under the vision section here, select it and toggle it on (so it's green).
2 Each digital magnifier shall meet the following specifications:
Dolphin Computer Access was the first to market with a magnifier and combined screen reader offering support for Windows 10.
Some patients improved with both near and distance visual aids but they preferred near magnifier.
There is a picture of me showing Jenny Rathbone the 22-inch Merlin High-Definition Magnifier which has been signed out on loan to me by Blind Veterans UK to enable me more easily to read books, magazines, newspapers and small-print instructions on medication.
Joshua Quinlan, from Southport - who is partially sighted himself - has developed the Raspberry Magnify digital magnifier, which he has produced at a fraction of the cost of most similar magnifiers currently on the market.
This visor magnifier changes the whole playing field.
Different types of Telescopes, Magnifiers, Visual Acuity charts, LEA symbols, trial frames, trail boxes, Field Magnifier and TV 300 system were also provided in the kit.
Summary: Sitting close to the exam room window and reading his question paper with an electronic magnifier, Sajjad Kalam, comes across as any ordinary student taking his exams.