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 (mă-gō′, măg′ət)
2. A fanciful, often grotesque figurine in the Japanese or Chinese style rendered in a seated position.

[French, from Old French magos, a kind of monkey, from Magog, Magos, Magog, name of biblical land (Ezekiel 38-39) and tribe (Revelation 20:8-9), used as an emblem of ugliness in medieval romances.]


(mɑːˈɡəʊ; ˈmæɡət)
1. (Ceramics) a Chinese or Japanese figurine in a crouching position, usually grotesque
2. (Animals) a less common name for Barbary ape
[C17: from French: grotesque figure, after the Biblical giant Magog]
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Darren Magot will serve as the CEO and Kenneth Cragun as the CFO.
Magot, "Indigenous microbial communities in oil fields," in Petroleum Microbiology, B.
Magot Pinot Nero, Spumante, Oltrepo Pavese, Castello di Luzzano, Italy (PS17.50, Berry Bros & Rudd) If you want to inspire thoughts of a carefree, alfresco lifestyle, this 'pale and interesting' spumante makes a delightful alternative to prosecco.
Aunque la importancia de la actividad microbiana en pozos petroleros se conoce desde hace mucho tiempo, el estudio sobre la naturaleza y diversidad del desarrollo bacteriano en esos ecosistemas es pobre y su actividad metabolica in situ aun no ha sido totalmente esclarecido (Magot et al., 2000).
Magot et al., (2000), Youssef et al., (2009), indicaron que determinar si un microorganismo es autoctono (indigena) o aloctono (extrano o transitorio) en un yacimiento es esencial antes de que puedan hacerse conclusiones en atencion a su papel en el ecosistema.
(15.) Magot et al: High density lipoprotein--apolipoprotein A-1 Kinetics in NIDDM--a stable isotope study.
We also have Sally Gardner, winner of last year's Carnegie Prize for her book Magot Moon, who is severely dyslexic and didn't read a book until she was 14.
caci lega paraua cu zece A car elle etait chiche et noduri si tremura dupa tremblait pour son magot. ban.
According to Darren Magot, the chairman and interim CEO of its new owner, the business is now generating revenue.Country: USASector: Construction/Real Estate, IT/Online Services, Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: IncBuyer: Co-Signer Inc (Southern Products Inc)Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Perhaps my greatest memory of him is when another forum buddy, Magot, brought Reck up to our hunt camp and we just drove around telling stories all afternoon.
While I was in Wynwood, Miami for the opening reception of a friend's one-person exhibit at Nina Johnson's Gallery Diet, Nina's husband, the artist Daniel Milewski, invited me to give a reading at his venue Lester's (the neighborhood's equivalent of fin-de-siecle Paris's Deux Magot or, for that matter, mid-'90s Williamsburg's L Cafe).