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n. pl. ma·gi (mā′jī′)
1. A member of the Zoroastrian priestly caste of the Medes and Persians.
2. Magus In the New Testament, one of the wise men from the East, traditionally held to be three, who traveled to Bethlehem to pay homage to the infant Jesus.
3. A sorcerer; a magician.

[From Middle English magi, magi, from Latin magī, pl. of magus, sorcerer, magus, from Greek magos, from Old Persian maguš; see magh- in Indo-European roots.]

ma′gi·an (mā′jē-ən) adj.
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n, pl magi (ˈmeɪdʒaɪ)
1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) a Zoroastrian priest
2. an astrologer, sorcerer, or magician of ancient times
[C14: from Latin, from Greek magos, from Old Persian magus magician]


(Bible) Simon Magus New Testament a sorcerer who tried to buy spiritual powers from the apostles (Acts 8:9-24)
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(ˈmeɪ gəs)

n., pl. -gi (-jī).
1. (sometimes l.c.) one of the Magi.
2. (l.c.) a magician; sorcerer.
3. (sometimes l.c.) a Zoroastrian priest.
[1615–25; < Latin < Greek mágos < Old Persian maguš; compare Avestan moγu]
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- A person regarded as having great wisdom or powers likened to those of a magician.
See also related terms for magician.
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Originally meaning a priest of the Zoroastrian religion, this came to refer to a magician or sorcerer.
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Noun1.magus - a magician or sorcerer of ancient timesmagus - a magician or sorcerer of ancient times
necromancer, sorcerer, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, wizard, magician - one who practices magic or sorcery
2.magus - a member of the Zoroastrian priesthood of the ancient Persiansmagus - a member of the Zoroastrian priesthood of the ancient Persians
non-Christian priest, priest - a person who performs religious duties and ceremonies in a non-Christian religion
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And in this last and least respectable line of inquiry he was evidently prepared to go farthest; he openly encouraged the magician, and was plainly prepared to follow the wildest ways of investigation in which that magus might lead him.
"Do not light the lamp," said the magus with quiet authority, arresting a movement in that direction.
That same day she went to a print-shop, and, by help of a letter of recommendation she had obtained from Elie Magus, one of her picture-dealers, she obtained an order for the coloring of lithographs.
If you love well-written stories with three-dimensional characters and sophisticated plots, then Magus Star Rising: A Tale of the Galactic Nexia by Larry Ivkovich, a sci-fi novel will be a delightful treat.
(57) The historical meaning of the term magus is critical to understanding various themes in El jardin de senderos que se bifurcan because it is attached to the name of a historic character, Smerdis (Ficciones 16).
Set in the kingdom of Tinsmoke, "The Magus'' is the story of Cirrus, a retired magic user attempting to settle down in his later years.
The carpet used throughout the hotel was specially designed with Persian rug patterns by Magus Designs in coordination with Ulster Carpets, Ireland.
With our patrons exhausted with the current limited options available, they are now eagerly awaiting Magus Cars to bring to market fresh and innovative brands such as the upcoming launch of Conquest Vehicles' EVADE by the end of this year," said Jatin Ahuja, Vice President, The Magus Group.
Acting on its strategy to connect with the most affluent audiences across the globe, Conquest Vehicles has partnered with Indian-based leading premium automotive dealer, Magus Cars Ltd.
Magus International now has seven outlets across the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and all its facilities are assessed and accredited to ISO 9001:2008.
Word of Babak's gift reaches a magus whose caravan rests nearby, and due to the go-between's treachery, Babak and Mitra are soon traveling with not just one but three Magi--Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar--all of whom are following a prophecy and a brilliant star.