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A small Eurasian ornamental tree (Prunus mahaleb) of the rose family, having white flowers and small black drupes, each with a single whitish or buff-colored seed. The seeds are ground and used to flavor breads, pastries, and cheese in Middle Eastern cuisine.

[Arabic maḥlab, from ḥalaba, to milk; see x̣lb in Semitic roots.]
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In a distant glade I have made a spring garden round an oak tree that stands alone in the sun--groups of crocuses, daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, and tulips, among such flowering shrubs and trees as Pirus Malus spectabilis, floribunda, and coronaria; Prunus Juliana, Mahaleb, serotina, triloba, and Pissardi; Cydonias and Weigelias in every colour, and several kinds of Crataegus and other May lovelinesses.
Stimulation of root initiation in hardwood sweet and sour cherry rootstocks (Prunus mahaleb L.).
"Most young women prefer simple designs, Indian designs, flowers, bracelet designs, and letters, as well as having their names written on their palms," she said, "especially during Eid holidays and weddings." Al-Shrida added: "Most women prefer to mix henna with other ingredients, such as sugar, Prunus mahaleb, vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice, coffee, oil, and others, in order to create the desired color or create a hair mask." She pointed out henna used for drawing body art is usually prepared using ground green henna, lemon juice, and ground sugar.
The Young site consisted of 10-year-old 'Van' or 'Lapins' cherry cultivare on Mahaleb rootstocks planted in single rows, spaced at 4.65 m apart and 6 m between rows.
bulbosa and Andropogon ischaemum, small bushes of Paliurus spinosa and small groups of Quercus frainetto, Carpinus orientalis, Cotinus coggygria, Padus Mahaleb and others.
Ismail, "Antioxidant activities of phenolic rich fractions (PRFs) obtained from black mahlab (Monechma ciliatum) and white mahlab (Prunus mahaleb) seedcakes," Food Chemistry, vol.
The other competitions and activities are: the Mahaleb Competition, the Heritage Camel Race, the Arab Heritage Saluki Race, the Falcon Hunting Competition (falcons bred in captivity), the Purebred Arabian Horse Race, the Dates' Mazayna, the Dates' Packaging Competition, the Photography Competition, the Handicrafts Competition, the Classic Cars Competition, the Camel Auction, the Traditional Market and the Children's Village.
(1995) for PNRSV from Prunus mahaleb. The two obtained sequences were deposited in the GenBank with accession codes KJ958527 and KM212170, corresponding to CP and MP PNRSV oRFs, respectively.
Supporting the local nursery in Idaho, before the age of 30, she bought 100 Mahaleb rootstocks for $40.
Similar results have been found in other plant species with flowers grouped into inflorescences, such as Calochortus leichtlinii, Lavandula stoechas, Lathyrus vernus, Banksia spinulosa, Prunus mahaleb and Aquilegia caerulea [17,21,13,35,15,9].