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Any of various shrubs classified either in the genus Mahonia or the genus Berberis, such as the Oregon grape.

[New Latin Mahonia, genus name, after Bernard McMahon (c. 1775-1816), Irish-born American botanist .]


(Plants) any evergreen berberidaceous shrub of the Asian and American genus Mahonia, esp M. aquifolium: cultivated for their ornamental spiny divided leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers
[C19: New Latin, named after Bernard McMahon (died 1816), American botanist]


(məˈhoʊ ni ə)

n., pl. -ni•as.
any of various evergreen shrubs belonging to the genus Mahonia, of the barberry family, including the Oregon grape.
[< New Latin (1818), after Bernard McMahon (c1775–1816), U.S. botanist, born in Ireland; see -ia]
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Noun1.mahonia - evergreen shrubs and small trees of North and Central America and AsiaMahonia - evergreen shrubs and small trees of North and Central America and Asia
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
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OFFER of the week Fabulous winter-flowering evergreen shrub Mahonia Media Charity produces stunning green holly-like foliage and an abundance of small light-yellow flowers.
Two-Michelin star chef Bruno Oger will be serving an eight-course meal of Mediterranean cuisine at Mahonia restaurant in Adliya.
One of the world's most celebrated French chefs is set to fly from the Cote d'Azur to Bahrain with a star-studded team for a 'kitchen takeover' at Bahrain's peak degustation restaurant, Mahonia.
| Prune winter-flowering shrubs, such as mahonia and viburnum, when they have finished their display.
| Prune winter-flowering JOBS FOR THE WEEK shrubs, such as mahonia and viburnum, when they have finished their display.
The leatherleaf mahonia is about a month from flowering, as is the Japanese apricot, but a hybrid mahonia at Green Spring, remarkable for its size (15 feet by 8 feet) and named Winter Sun, is on the edge of full bloom.
At 26, Jonda is now responsible for the conservation element of today's puppet show scripts as the resident ecologist and education officer at marine NGO Mahonia Na Dari ('guardian of the sea' in the local Bakovi language) in Kimbe Bay on the island of New Britain, part of Papua New Guinea.
New shoots After the blooms have faded cut out one or two flowering shoots from winter-flowering mahonia to encourage replacement shoots from the base.
| Prune winter-flowering shrubs such as mahonia and viburnum when they have finished putting on their display.
Mahonia These spiky evergreens offer terrific winter colour with their sprays of dainty zingy yellow flowers at the tips of the branches.
OREGON GRAPE MAHONIA X MEDIA, sometimes known as Oregon grape, is an evergreen shrub with spiky, leathery leaves.
Historical straw bale construction workshop - Registration is underway for a free three-day workshop that opens Friday at 120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., site of Mahonia, a straw bale construction project.