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With a line that was strong enough to land a large Mahseer, he would whisk the unfortunate trout straight out of the water with a strong jerk and it would sail over his shoulder.
The present study was aimed to evaluate the effects of acute dose of Cypermethrin (CYP) an extensively use synthetic pyrethroid on hematology and morphology of the liver gills and brain of Mahseer (Tor putitora).
Watch elephants being bathed and fed, take elephant rides or even try your hand at angling and landing the famed Mahseer fish in the river Cauvery.
Abstract: A new species of Rhabdochona (Thelazioidea: Rhabdochonidae) is described here as an intestinal parasite of Mahseer, Tor putitora (Ham.) from a river basin at Bolan of Balochistan province, Pakistan.
Weeks after returning from a spectacularly triumphant trip to Lake Nasser in Egypt - where he boated a massive 184lb Nile perch - McIntyre's well-thumbed passport was being brought out again, for a new year trip to India to fish for that sub-continent's mighty mahseer.
Everyone except I had packed their rods, when on almost my last cast, I felt the massive tug and rush of a fish and instinctively knew by the sheer force that I had hooked on to a Mahseer. An indescribable joy and fear at the same time (of not wanting to lose the fish) surged through my brain.
I scanned a typical dinner menu: Mulligatawny soup, grilled mahseer, assorted game pies, roast capon, curry and pilao, saddle of mutton, trifles, cheese and biscuits, fruits of the season, all washed down with sack and claret on an average of two bottles per head.
Among Mahseers, Indus Mahseer Tor macrolepis is the important game and food fish of Pakistan.
Personally I'm happy to drool over accounts of chasing mighty mahseer in India, hunting Nile perch, tiger fish and tarpon as Wilson fishes his way through more than 60 countries.