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ma huang

also ma·huang  (mä-hwäng′)
1. Any of various East Asian ephedras, especially Ephedra sinica, from which ephedrine and other alkaloids are obtained.
2. See ephedra.

[Mandarin máhuáng, from Middle Chinese ma⋮ xɦuaŋ : ma⋮, hemp + xɦuaŋ, yellow.]


(Medicine) a herbal medicine from a shrub, used as a decongestant
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Noun1.mahuang - Chinese ephedra yielding ephedrinemahuang - Chinese ephedra yielding ephedrine  
ephedra, joint fir - jointed and nearly leafless desert shrub having reduced scalelike leaves and reddish fleshy seeds
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Aggravating factors like a high salt diet; or intake of contraceptives or anti-arthritis drugs, or some weight-reducing agents including herbals containing mahuang or ephedra could be the culprit for the uncontrolled hypertension.
sinica), commonly referred to as Mahuang or Ma Huang, is probably the principal source of the active ingredients ephedrine and pseuephedrine, which are used for nasal decongestants and lung and bronchial constriction, although these same alkaloid drugs are present in American species as well.