maieutic method

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Noun1.maieutic method - a method of teaching by question and answermaieutic method - a method of teaching by question and answer; used by Socrates to elicit truths from his students
pedagogics, pedagogy, teaching method - the principles and methods of instruction
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This passage indeed echoes the way Socrates concludes the presentation of his maieutic method earlier in the dialogue, where he asked Theaetetus not to get angry if he is led to throw away that with which he is pregnant, as many of Socrates' interlocutors do, because they do not see that he proceeds with good will ([phrase omitted]) and not malice ([phrase omitted]).
In Bauman's essay, knowing about the other of either the bazaar or the jungle streets presupposes a maieutic method of learning where the educational value of the encounter often boils down to a recollection of what is already known and therefore an exercise in self- knowledge.
To begin, sometimes those who study the maieutic method refer to it as the Socratic method.