mail fraud

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Noun1.mail fraud - use of the mails to defraud someonemail fraud - use of the mails to defraud someone
fraud - intentional deception resulting in injury to another person
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O'Brien is charged with bank and mail fraud affecting a financial institution.
The mail fraud counts each carry a potential penalty of 30 years in prison and $1 million fine.
Clasen partnered with the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to unravel the fraud ring that involved staged vehicle accidents, straw clinic ownership, fraudulent insurance claims, money laundering and mail fraud.
When she pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in September, court documents revealed that Look used the stolen funds to fuel a serious gambling addiction.
Other counts of mail fraud and receipt of stolen vehicles were dropped as part of the plea agreement.
Whitebird pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud.
Stanford answered only "not guilty, your honour" when the 21 counts of fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy and obstruction charges were read out to him.
Anyone who does get such a card with the number on it is advised to get in touch with the Royal Mail Fraud unit on 0207 239 6655 or ICSTIS, the premiumrate service regulator.
His co-defendants were convicted of three counts of mail fraud, although St.
Black and three co-defendants were convicted in Chicago on July 13 of three mail fraud counts for pocketing millions of dollars prosecutors said belonged to shareholders in his Hollinger International newspaper empire.
Court papers before magistrates in Norfolk, Virginia, said: "The defendant, along with his co-conspirator, was a leader in an ongoing criminal enterprise that involved mail fraud and wire fraud as well as the international and domestic transfers of large sums of money that resulted from the fraudulent activities.
Later that day they appeared before a judge at US District Court where they were charged with 11 counts of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.