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Verb1.mail out - transmit by mailmail out - transmit by mail; "The company mailed out the catalog to all potential customers"
send out, send - to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place; "He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept"
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Unlike the West, where several means can be used for obtaining addresses of potential participants, we were unable to verify the addresses against another source of information such as the web etc.4 Also in other studies, more than 1 attempt is made for contacting potential participants by mail.5 In our study we did not follow up the mail out with another mail.
``The festive mail out is one of the few times of year when a business will send a personal message.
[FIGURE 16 OMITTED] Table 1 Estimated Number of Internet Users by the Year 2003 Estimated Internet Users Country (million) Australia 8.4 Malaysia 1.9 Singapore 1.5 Hong Kong 3.0 China 80.5 India 70.0 South Korea 17.7 Taiwan 13.1 Indonesia 1.5 New Zealand 1.7 Philippines 1.1 Thailand 1.5 Vietnam 0.4 Total: 202.1 Source: IDC, GS estimates Table 2 Summary of Mail Outs and Responses Mail out Return Response rate Per cent Singapore Service industry 250 36 14 Manufacturing industry 250 72 29 Australia Service industry 250 52 21 Manufacturing industry 20 0 0 Total mail out 770 160 21 Table 3 Comparison of Survey Responses between Internet and Electronic Mail Usage Percentage of respondents who indicated seeing improvements in their work life Factor evaluated Electronic Mail Internet 1.
The Centre has held several activities ranging from mail outs, which included a safety flyer y detailing the services | on ices | on offer, to stay and play sessions that included a ude guest speaker, a local community liaison officer.
"When energy companies do mail outs like this they tend to get a 0.5 per cent response rate.