mail-order house

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mail′-or`der house`

a retail firm doing its business by mail.
[1905–10, Amer.]
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* Inc., an electronic shopping and mail-order house, said it will lay off 196 workers for financial reasons.
Then there was a store customer who, thinking he would save lots of money, ordered 25 pounds of oleomargarine from a mail-order house. When it came, he was too embarrassed to come pick it up, and it melted in the post office, revealing his secret.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Wednesday it has ordered the mail-order house to suspend door-to-door sales activities for six months as a penalty for using coercive solicitation methods to get consumers to buy its products.
If I break a decapping pin, I know I can get one in three or four days with just a phone call to a mail-order house, but I can have it now--which is when I usually want it--with a trip to Hyatt.
In 1894 they moved to Chicago and set up a general mail-order house called Sears, Roebuck & Co.
A person who obtains an MBA in 48 hours through a mail-order house is someone who did not get it from a Legitimate distance education provider," Contreras points out.
For example, Lands' End's mail-order house doesn't keep that much more customer and order information than Sears Roebuck did for its catalog business a century ago.
These components, such as high bay container buffers, have been successfully operational for several years, under comparable temperature and working conditions with leading European organizations like Lufthansa catering services and Quelle AG, Europe's largest mail-order house. The prerequisite deep-freeze zones and the working environment (40 F) can be separated from each other by "cold air curtains," operating draft free without ice deposits and nearly noiseless (40 dB).
With Versand's assistance, Spiegel's Eddie Bauer unit has become a strong international retailer and mail-order house with operations in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.
She was glad to find work at a major mail-order house, checking credit applications three evenings a week.
In ascending order of price, consider no-name brands, major mail-order house brands, and nationally known brands.
* "Putting Sears Homes on the Map: The Mail-Order House Phenomenon," 7 p.m.