mail-order house

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mail′-or`der house`

a retail firm doing its business by mail.
[1905–10, Amer.]
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In 1894 they moved to Chicago and set up a general mail-order house called Sears, Roebuck & Co.
A person who obtains an MBA in 48 hours through a mail-order house is someone who did not get it from a Legitimate distance education provider," Contreras points out.
These components, such as high bay container buffers, have been successfully operational for several years, under comparable temperature and working conditions with leading European organizations like Lufthansa catering services and Quelle AG, Europe's largest mail-order house.
It began as a mail-order house in 1872, when the United States was a rural country, with very high costs of delivering goods to a widely scattered population.
With Versand's assistance, Spiegel's Eddie Bauer unit has become a strong international retailer and mail-order house with operations in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.
She was glad to find work at a major mail-order house, checking credit applications three evenings a week.
Apparently, RCA undertook the gold releases as a special, limited-run project for a client who subsequently declined to accept it: The discs were then bought in their entirety by Acoustic Sounds, the Kansas-based mail-order house for audiophile recordings, who are now their sole source of purchase.
Dana Rogers, finance director of Paladin Press, a Colorado mail-order house, told the jury McVeigh had ordered several books about weapons and explosives, including ``Homemade C-4'' by Ragnar Benson, bought in May 1993.
Supreme Court cases, Quill Corporation, an out-of-state mail-order house with neither outlets nor sales representatives in North Dakota, did not believe North Dakota had the right to impose a use tax collection responsibility.
Estimated value of retail sales by electronic shopping and mail-order houses in December 2013, the highest total for any month last year.