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1. A large canvas sack used for transporting mail.
2. A bag suspended from the shoulder, used by letter carriers for carrying mail.


(ˈmeɪlˌbæɡ) ,




a large bag used for transporting or delivering mail



1. a mail carrier's bag.
2. a sack for shipping mail.
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Noun1.mailbag - pouch used in the shipment of mailmailbag - pouch used in the shipment of mail  
diplomatic pouch - a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office
pouch - a small or medium size container for holding or carrying things
2.mailbag - letter carrier's shoulder bagmailbag - letter carrier's shoulder bag; "in Britain they call a mailbag a postbag"
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
كيس البَريد
poštovní pytel
vrece na poštu
posta torbası/çantası


[ˈmeɪlbæg] Nsaca f de correos


[ˈmeɪlbæg] n
(= sack) → sac m postal
(= letters to newspaper, radio programme, MP etc) → courrier m


[ˈmeɪlˌbæg] nsacco postale, sacco delle poste


(meil) noun
letters, parcels etc by post. His secretary opens his mail.
to send by post.
ˈmailbag noun
a bag for letters etc. The letters are put into mailbags and sent to London by train.
ˈmailbox noun
a postbox.
ˈmailman (-mӕn) noun
(American) a postman.
References in classic literature ?
I suppose I must have been longer than I thought, or they must have been quicker than they expected with the mailbags. Anyhow, when I came back the train was moving.
"WHAT exactly is global warming?" asKs Blowing Hot & Cold in Monday's Examiner's Mailbag.
The Royal Mail have revealed that the present most in demand in Santa's mailbag this Christmas is Lego - with jazzy computer stuff, like the Xbox, way down the top 10.
This 1969 shot, taken when The Move had already enjoyed five fantastic hits, shows Carl Wayne and I reading through the mailbag, and getting ready to reply to our loyal fans.
Meanwhile, gardai in Clare and Limerick are continuing to investigate a spate of mailbag robberies.
He stopped his car and popped it in his mailbag to keep it warm, then bought kitten milk and fed it through a ballpoint pen tube.
Almost 150 postmen and women are responsible for ensuring Sutton's enormous Christmas mailbag is delivered to more than 48,000 homes.
ROYAL Mail in Wales is gearing up for its busiest time of the year, preparing to handle a festive mailbag of more than two billion letters and cards.
Mr Olner said: "I was very pleased to be able to chat to the hardworking postmen and women who are responsible for ensuring that Nuneaton's massive Christmas mailbag is delivered in time."
Our competition mailbag bulged with more than 100 entries to win a glossy photo book about Cardiff.
Lyles, gave me a nickel to hang the mailbag. It was a heavy, gray canvas bag, about 4 feet long, with a lock on top, that held the outgoing mail.
The legislation, however, unintentionally included such benign e-mail as trade associations' mailbag lists, which involve sending email to members who voluntarily join.