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1. A woman's one-piece swimsuit usually cut high on the leg.
2. A pair of tights or a leotard made from a stretchable jersey fabric, worn for ballet or gymnastics.

[French, from Old French, swaddling clothes, from maille, mesh, from Latin macula.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) tights worn for ballet, gymnastics, etc
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's swimsuit
3. (Clothing & Fashion) a jersey
[from French]


(mɑˈyoʊ, mæ-)

1. a close-fitting, one-piece bathing suit for women.
2. tights for dancers, acrobats, etc.
3. a close-fitting knitted shirt, esp. a pullover.
[1885–90; < French: tights, swaddling clothes]
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Noun1.maillot - a woman's one-piece bathing suitmaillot - a woman's one-piece bathing suit  
bathing costume, bathing suit, swimming costume, swimsuit, swimwear - tight fitting garment worn for swimming
2.maillot - tights for dancers or gymnastsmaillot - tights for dancers or gymnasts  
leotards, tights - skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls
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The attention of the holder is drawn to the concept of related operations on the sector of the porte maillot which will be the place of many operations of urban works, Real estate or transport as well as the interface with the underground work of the rer c between porte maillot and porte dauphine whose subsequent studies must specify the possible adaptations / renovations necessary for the insertion of the t3.
Named as the Bolshoi's boldest ballet to date, the adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedy was specially choreographed by Jean-Christophe Maillot for principle dancers of the Bolshoi Ekaterina Krysanova and Vladislav Lantratov.
Dans un autre contexte, Zouhair Feddal ne portera plus le maillot des Lions de l'Atlas.
Ennill bum gwaith ydi'r record felly, ac mae na bedwar wedi llwyddo i wneud hynny, yn cynnwys Miguel Indurain yn y 1990au ac Eddy Merckx yn y 1970au, y dyn sydd a'r record o wisgo'r maillot jaune am 96 diwrnod.
Seville jouera avec son nouveau maillot Pour la finale de la Ligue Europa contre Liverpool, le FC Seville jouera pour la premiere fois avec son nouveau maillot, version 2016-2017.
L'accord entre les deux entites a debute en 2006 lorsque le Barca a rompu avec sa tradition d'un maillot vierge de tout sponsor en affichant le logo de l'Unicef.
She might have spent her entire career there if it hadn't been for Monte-Carlo director Jean-Christophe Maillot, who cast her as Juliet when his Romeo et Juliette entered the PNB repertoire.
He may not keep the maillot jaune for long, but Froome's advantage over his three big rivals for victory in Paris on July 26 is significant.
The company's artistic director and choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot re-envisioned the sordid tale of star-crossed lovers all those years ago.
City, avec la recrue Stevan Jovetic faisant ses debuts sous son nouveau maillot, a domine les trente premieres minutes de jeu face a une equipe de l'AC Milan dans une configuration experimentale.
Le Hassania Union Sport Agadir (HUSA) a devoile son nouveau maillot officiel au titre de la saison 2013/2014, lors d'une conference de presse conjointe, tenue mardi soir avec l'equipementier UHL Sport au siege de la Chambre de commerce, d'industrie et de services d'Agadir.
He says maillot mania is most likely due to "the 1950s pin-up resurgence we're seeing in many areas of women's fashion.