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Noun1.main diagonal - the diagonal of a square matrix running from the upper left entry to the lower right entry
diagonal - an oblique line of squares of the same color on a checkerboard; "the bishop moves on the diagonals"
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Matrix A is a tridiagonal matrix; that is, all nonzero elements of A lie on the main diagonal and the first diagonals above and below the main diagonal.
The shear deformation of the joints was measured by two displacement sensors placed in the main diagonal directions, as shown in Figure 3(b).
All main diagonal entries of a nonsingular idempotent matrix are 0.
(i) [[sigma].sub.w] ([A.sub.1]) [union] [[sigma].sub.w] ([A.sub.2]) [??] [[sigma].sub.w] (A + K) for every invariant subspace M of A + K such that [(A + K)|.sub.M ]= [A.sub.1] (and ([A.sub.1], [A.sub.2]) is the main diagonal in the upper triangular representation of A + K [member of] B(M [??] M[perpendicular to]));
Recognized/traced Horizontal line Vertical line Horizontal line 86.6% 0.0% Vertical line 0.0% 83.3% Main diagonal 6.7% 8.3% Secondary diagonal 6.7% 8.4% Recognized/traced Main diagonal Secondary diagonal Horizontal line 6.7% 6.1% Vertical line 8.3% 7.3% Main diagonal 85.0% 0.0% Secondary diagonal 0.0% 86.6% TABLE 2: Confusion matrix of the map-based algorithm.
An important feature of TT transform is that the main energy of the signal can be focalized in the main diagonal position [27].
Where UA and VA are orthogonal square matrices and [summation]A contains singular values on its main diagonal. The singular value matrix represents the intensity information of the input image and the change on the singular values change the intensity [3].
The last definition we need, about (k, n)-diagrams, is the main diagonal. As we can see in the Figure 2, it is the line going through the North-West and the South-East corners of the top left cell.
All the diagonals above this main diagonal (beginning at 10) follow the same suit as the main diagonal, however all the diagonals below the main diagonal have the anomaly that the number of elements in these diagonal differs from the beginning number.
In paper [5] other factors that influence the performances of parallel solving equations systems with iterative methods were experimentally identified: a distribution of non-zero elements along and around the main diagonal of the associated matrix, the ratio between the number of nonzero elements inside and outside of Jacobian submatrix for each partition in part and of course the number of partitions.
The bike is described as having the words 'Mountain Ridge' in white on the main diagonal frame, has chrome coloured handle bars, a black seat, a black coloured bell and two black hand grips.