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Noun1.main rotor - rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the airmain rotor - rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the air
rotor - rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils; "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"
rotary wing, rotor blade - the long airfoil that rotates to provide the lift that supports a helicopter in the air
rotor head, rotor shaft - the axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns
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But AVX wants to see more use of "coaxial" designs where the main rotor has two discs instead of one.
The repair was first successfully demonstrated on a scrap main rotor blade.
In both cases, the main rotors detached from the helicopters as a result of a fatigue fracture in the main gearbox.
Figure 8 shows the closed-loop responses of some helicopter controls (i.e., main rotor collective and longitudinal cyclic blade pitch angles) for all the three helicopters.
The lift delivered by the short wings and the propulsion by the push propellers allow for the main rotor to be slowed down while cruising, which reduces fuel consumption, vibration and noise, and allows for steeper climbs and gliding descents, Krysinski explained.
The AAIB report said the gearbox failure caused the main rotor to break away and its "tail boom" was severed from the fuselage.
An investigation into the crash has found that the aircraft suffered a "catastrophic failure" of its main rotor gearbox.
An AAIB spokesman said: "Initial assessment provided no evidence of major mechanical disruption to either engine and indicated that the main rotor gearbox was capable of providing drive."
The prototype will be fitted with twin rigid co-axial counter-rotating main rotors (in place of one main rotor and a tail rotor) that produces heavy duty lift more than its weight and a pusher propeller at the rear of the aircraft supplying auxiliary propulsion.
The test flight was to perform a track and balance procedure on the newly installed main rotor blades.
The Mi-8 helicopter of the Syzran branch of the Gagarin and Zhukovsky Air Force Academy had reportedly started shaking violently and the blades of the main rotor hit the tail.
After take off one may unfold auto-rotating main rotor and gas engine propeller extends.