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The prevailing current of thought, influence, or activity: "You need not accept the nominee's ideology, only be able to locate it in the American mainstream" (Charles Krauthammer).
Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group: mainstream morality.
tr.v. main·streamed, main·stream·ing, main·streams
1. To integrate (a student with special needs) into regular school classes.
2. To incorporate into a prevailing group.

main′stream′er n.
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Adj.1.mainstreamed - (of the handicapped) placed in regular school classesmainstreamed - (of the handicapped) placed in regular school classes
integrated - not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"
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They argued that the people of GB region, which is a natural defence line of Pakistan, be mainstreamed by giving them due rights and adequate opportunities to grow and prosper.
In such a scenario, it would be expected of other parties to also up the ante by using political violence as a means of keeping the mainstreamed parties' political advance at bay.The other argument against mainstreaming is a moral one primarily being that organisations and the people who run them are responsible for thousands of deaths and thus should not be allowed to operate freely without first a legal reckoning for their crimes.
Terrorist organisations have been successfully mainstreamed in other countries.
I suppose it's indelicate to bellyache that gay people are being mainstreamed just the way black people and Latin people have been: The conventional beauties make it to prime time; the "real people" don't even qualify for reality shows.
Many deaf students are mainstreamed in public schools, where hearing interpreters translate the teacher's speech using manually coded English and some ASL.
In seven reports, percentage of general education teachers teaching mainstreamed special education students ranged from 0% to 83% (median = 65%).
Overall, systematic variability in support for mainstreaming appeared to be due mostly to the degree of intensity of mainstreaming, and the severity level of students with disabilities who are mainstreamed. No relation was observed between percent agreement and date of publication (see Table 1).
Many of us believe that children with disabilities should be mainstreamed into settings with children who do not have disabilities.
We've been totally mainstreamed." "What?" I asked, shocked by the tone in his voice.
The authors concluded that regular classroom teachers are inadequately prepared to educate mainstreamed children with disabilities.
As school communities adjusted to the presence of special education students, students with mild disabilities have been mainstreamed into regular academic classes.