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Noun1.Maja - type genus of the MajidaeMaja - type genus of the Majidae; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Majidae, Majidae - spider crabs
European spider crab, Maja squinado, king crab - a large spider crab of Europe
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com that everything is okay now inher friendship with Maja. It can be recalled that their friendship was tested when Maja dated Kim's ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson.
"I admit we're not that close even though we're blood-related," Maja said.
Instead of presents, widow Irena asked friends and relatives to make a donation to Blue Cross, which provides veterinary treatment for Maja at its hospital in Victoria, London.
'At one point, I also asked myself, 'Bakit nga ba ako?' Ms Joyce (Liquicia, business unit head), who has been my boss in (the Sunday variety show) 'ASAP' for 16 years, was the one who included me in 'World of Dance Philippines,'' Maja said.
Maja featured 41 times for the Black Cats between 2016 and 2019 before opting to continue his career abroad, despite purported Premier League interest fromTottenhamandWest Ham.
After scoring 16 goals for Sunderland in the 2018/19 campaign, interest in Maja was high.
Maja joined Bordeaux in a move which brought in just PS1.5m up front, despite having scored 16 goals already this season.
Maja expressed his desire to leave the club and Sunderland had to cash in last month or risk losing him on a free transfer at the end of the season.
Maja, who has bagged 16 goals so far this season, is out of contract at the end of this term and several clubs, including WEST HAM are sniffing a bargain.
Those figures have alerted several clubs' attention to Maja with Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Huddersfield Town all scrambling for his signature.
Maja, 20, has taken his first-team chance in League One, netting 15 times this season and amazing coaches with his finishing in training.