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 (mə-jĕs′tĭk) also ma·jes·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Impressive or beautiful in a dignified or inspiring way. See Synonyms at grand.

ma·jes′ti·cal·ly adv.
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But Ahab, my Captain, still moves before me in all his Nantucket grimness and shagginess; and in this episode touching Emperors and Kings, I must not conceal that I have only to do with a poor old whale-hunter like him; and, therefore, all outward majestical trappings and housings are denied me.
Then, Faustus, as thou late didst promise us, We would behold that famous conqueror, Great Alexander, and his paramour, In their true shapes and state majestical, That we may wonder at their excellence.
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All of the galloping horses are white with majestical painting and real brass poles.
The more explicit is Hamlet's casting of the sky as a "canopy" and the "o'erhanging firmament" as a "majestical roof fretted with golden fire." Especially when we consider the gesture that may accompany the interjection "look you," this is surely an invocation of the "heavens" canopied above the stage in the Globe theater.
Sometimes, they can't wait to spend time in each other's company, such as when Ricky returns from getting medical help for a sick ranger to find Hec missing, Paula on the scene, and police everywhere; or, when they take stock of a lake in the mountains that causes Hec to comment, 'Pretty majestical, eh'.
Smith's first impression of the Indian leader was that of an "emperor" displaying a "grave and majestical countenance." According to Smith's writings, the two proceeded to exchange information about their respective homelands.
generally have a "majestical and ceremonious air, a largeness not
Ramsey has had pundits purring and Wales playing some of their best football in France with some majestical midfield play.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a "majestical" film that's heart-warming, tear jerking and ridiculously funny says Sarah Jones.
Then check out Act Two, Scene Two of Hamlet when he described "this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire".
The discussion, which cuts across chronological lines, is governed by the following headings: 'Majestical matters', 'Historical perspective and pliant kings', 'Women in history: the female angle', 'Cross-fertilisation and sequences of plays', 'The common people', 'The matter of objects: crowns and cushions', and 'Conclusion: historic agency'.