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Noun1.Major key - a key whose harmony is based on the major scalemajor key - a key whose harmony is based on the major scale
tonality, key - any of 24 major or minor diatonic scales that provide the tonal framework for a piece of music
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When the Vicar began again there was a change in his tone like the encouraging transition to a major key.
He gave them a little push, and they began to walk in major key instead of in a minor, and then--he blew with his mouth and they were scattered!
Additionally, the major key players are actively involved in research & developments to develop new coating material in compliance to North American regulations for micro-encapsulation.
This is a release largely in the major key, with an uplifting simplicity.
Education, a major key to development of a nation is lacking in every aspect.
Participants at the two-day events will be drawn from major key players and stakeholders in the transportation and tourism sectors from the international community.
THE Pot in Rhyl has a double bill on March 2, with Blink-182 tribute, Link 182, and special guests, killer rock band The Travis Waltons With booming bass, Catchy guitar riffs and insane drums, Link-182 have the right to sit with the tag as number 1 tribute act to Pop-Punk super group Blink-182, regarded worldwide for their catchy punk-pop melodies, and uptempo songs in a major key, with a humorous and often uplifting lyrical content.
The major key requirements are on-going availability, accessibility including on mobile devices, performance, and security of these sites.
One of the major key developments at NEOM since its inception is the identification of 16 economic sectors to create a sustainable economy that will not only generate job opportunities but will also unlock human innovation and creativity at all levels.
[ClickPress, Tue Oct 16 2018] Currently, the chemical industry is experiencing positive growth in the global economy, and also continued strength throughout the major key end-use industries such as automotive, electronics, and construction.
However, according to ( People , there's a major key that's missing in the couple's cipher.
Major Key Alert: Music icon DJ Khaled has released an over-the-top home furnishings collection with Global Furniture USA and e-commerce platform Goldition that only the larger-than-life influencer could pull off as a way to introduce Millennial to the home furnishings industry.

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