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Noun1.Major key - a key whose harmony is based on the major scalemajor key - a key whose harmony is based on the major scale
tonality, key - any of 24 major or minor diatonic scales that provide the tonal framework for a piece of music
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When the Vicar began again there was a change in his tone like the encouraging transition to a major key.
He gave them a little push, and they began to walk in major key instead of in a minor, and then--he blew with his mouth and they were scattered!
Additionally, the major key players are actively involved in research & developments to develop new coating material in compliance to North American regulations for micro-encapsulation.
This is a release largely in the major key, with an uplifting simplicity.
Education, a major key to development of a nation is lacking in every aspect.
Participants at the two-day events will be drawn from major key players and stakeholders in the transportation and tourism sectors from the international community.
THE Pot in Rhyl has a double bill on March 2, with Blink-182 tribute, Link 182, and special guests, killer rock band The Travis Waltons With booming bass, Catchy guitar riffs and insane drums, Link-182 have the right to sit with the tag as number 1 tribute act to Pop-Punk super group Blink-182, regarded worldwide for their catchy punk-pop melodies, and uptempo songs in a major key, with a humorous and often uplifting lyrical content.
One of the major key developments at NEOM since its inception is the identification of 16 economic sectors to create a sustainable economy that will not only generate job opportunities but will also unlock human innovation and creativity at all levels.
[ClickPress, Tue Oct 16 2018] Currently, the chemical industry is experiencing positive growth in the global economy, and also continued strength throughout the major key end-use industries such as automotive, electronics, and construction.
However, according to ( People , there's a major key that's missing in the couple's cipher.
Major Key Alert: Music icon DJ Khaled has released an over-the-top home furnishings collection with Global Furniture USA and e-commerce platform Goldition that only the larger-than-life influencer could pull off as a way to introduce Millennial to the home furnishings industry.

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