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Noun1.major leaguer - a member of a major-league baseball teammajor leaguer - a member of a major-league baseball team
major-league club, major-league team - a team that plays in a major league
ballplayer, baseball player - an athlete who plays baseball
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The former Major Leaguer spoke about the importance of Hawaii's agricultural history, something he says has changed since his childhood.
Louis Cardinals and former major leaguer Trevor Plouffe, all Los Angeles-area natives and friends of Skaggs.
However, he turned out to be really good and proved he has what it takes to be a major leaguer. You can watch them play with the Yankees, just buy the Cheapest New York Yankees Tickets from Bbtix and you are good to go.
(30.) Block, So You Want to Be a Major Leaguer? Photo inside back cover.
The Wyverns will start ace pitcher Merrill Kelly while the Giants will start newly earned former major leaguer Felix Doubront.
(30) Former major leaguer and FIL player Roger McKee confirmed the "Havana problem":
Kaka, who now plies his trade for Orlando City in Major Leaguer Soccer in America, has been called up as Coutinho's replacement in Dunga's squad.
At one stage in his early days, Djokovic seemed too frail in temperament and physique to be considered a major leaguer, failings emphasised by occasional spats over alleged gamesmanship.
The only major leaguer to come off the Rainbows roster that year was Walt Chipple, a career minor leaguer who managed one season with the Washington Senators and batted a not overly impressive .136.
He told countless stories about Ron Darling, the former Major Leaguer whom Dominic taught to pitch.
"I would get calls at my house: 'We have the new Warren Cromartie book about playing in Japan' "the delightfully obscure Slugging It Out in Japan: An American Major Leaguer in the Tokyo Outfield.
In 1964, the first Japanese major leaguer, Masanori Murakami, pitched for San Francisco, while in 1975, Ryan Kurosaki, a Sansei (third generation) from Hawaii, became the first Nikkei major leaguer, appearing briefly with St.

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