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Noun1.major mode - a key whose harmony is based on the major scalemajor mode - a key whose harmony is based on the major scale
tonality, key - any of 24 major or minor diatonic scales that provide the tonal framework for a piece of music
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Donkeys are Lamu's major mode of transport and a revered symbol of heritage in the Old Town, a Unesco World Heritage site.
He also proposed the use of Pasig River as a major mode of transportation.
In the recent past, during the 1980s, buses were the major mode for transportation in Taipei, with a daily capacity of around 2.5 million passengers.
The major mode share for sustainable travel across much of continental Europe is not culturally driven.
From the very beginning of the HIV/Aids story in 1980, even though the syndrome had first been identified in the gay community in San Francisco in the US (and it was in fact originally called Gay Related Immune Deficiency, GRID), the orthodoxy insisted that in Africa the major mode of transmission was heterosexual encounters.
"Motorcycles are ready to be a major mode of transportation in the country.
Keeping the project's cost under control will also help its viability as a major mode of public transport, he explained.
Urban transit systems by major mode, passenger miles (in millions), 2007-15 Year Total Regional Heavy Surface bus (1) rail (2) rail rail (3) 2007 20,424 11,137 16,138 1,930 2008 21,204 11,032 16,850 2,081 2009 21,105 11,129 16,805 2,196 2010 20,574 10,774 16,407 2,173 2011 20,709 11,384 17,317 2,294 2012 20,424 11,194 17,516 2,415 2013 21,553 11,819 18,005 2,481 2014 21,732 11,691 18,339 2,583 2015 21,203 11,782 18,283 2,532 Average 0.5% 0.7% 1.6% 3.5% rate of change, 2007-15 Notes: (1) This includes bus, commuter bus, and bus rapid transit.
He told Dawn women had been stopped from voting in 1977, when the major mode of transportation was a bicycle and there were few vehicles villagers could use to bring women to the polling stations.
8, at once forceful and joyous, alternates rapidly between major and minor modes, with the major mode emerging triumphant.
The three-wheeled vehicles are increasingly been used by the Japanese for leisure purposes and for traveling short distances, unlike Pakistan where it is a major mode of public transport.

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