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Noun1.major mode - a key whose harmony is based on the major scalemajor mode - a key whose harmony is based on the major scale
tonality, key - any of 24 major or minor diatonic scales that provide the tonal framework for a piece of music
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Of train, air and road, the condition of the latter, being a common and major mode of transport is miserable.
Kalibo Councilor Juris Bautista Sucro has urged residents and local government employees to use bicycles as their major mode of transport in this Ati-Atihan town.
Perinatal HBV transmission, which occurs at birth from an infected mother to her newborn infant, is a major mode of HBV transmission and maintains HBV endemicity (3).
The second major mode of suicide was killing by pistol firing.
The major mode of transmission of HIV in the Philippines is sexual contact.
Minibus taxis have long been the major mode of transport for over 90% of Malawians, most of whom do not own personal means of transportation.
MODE OF INJURY: Present study shows blunt trauma major mode of injury in 90% cases which correlates with study (Salimi et al 96%).
A major mode of participation is through ritual practices, which orient communities to the cosmos and ground them in particular places.
Not perfect, but among air travel, a confluence of highways adjacent to as well as passing through the city, an extensive passenger bus system, commuter rail with 20 trains to and from Boston daily, and a freight rail terminus, we don't lack for any major mode of transportation, save for water.
With rise in cancer patients and metabolic diseases like diabetes, there has been a push in growth for peptide molecules since chemotherapy, which is the major mode of treatment for cancer, is facing major challenges due to its inability to deliver the correct amount of drug directly.
Considering that Internet banking is still not the major mode for bank transactions in the nation, it can only be gauged as to how many risks the system could be subjected to in the coming days.

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