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or ma·jor·do·mo  (mā′jər-dō′mō)
n. pl. ma·jor-do·mos or ma·jor·do·mos
1. The head steward or butler in the household of a sovereign or great noble.
2. A steward or butler.
3. One who makes arrangements or directs affairs for another.

[Italian maggiordomo or Spanish mayordomo, both from Medieval Latin māior domūs : Latin māior, chief; see meg- in Indo-European roots + Latin domūs, genitive of domus, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -mos
1. (Professions) the chief steward or butler of a great household
2. facetious a steward or butler
[C16: from Spanish mayordomo, from Medieval Latin mājor domūs head of the household]
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(ˌmeɪ dʒərˈdoʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
1. a man in charge of a great household, as that of a sovereign.
2. a steward; butler.
3. a person who makes arrangements for another.
[1580–90; < Italian maggiordomo or Sp mayordomo < Medieval Latin majordomūs head of the house]
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Noun1.major-domo - the chief steward or butler of a great householdmajor-domo - the chief steward or butler of a great household
servant, retainer - a person working in the service of another (especially in the household)
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nHaushofmeister m, → Majordomus m
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References in classic literature ?
Go, Hundebert,'' he added, to a sort of major-domo who stood behind him with a white wand; ``take six of the attendants, and introduce the strangers to the guests' lodging.
The major-domo departed with several attendants, to execute his master's commands.
He knit his brows, and fixed his eyes for an instant on the ground; as he raised them, the folding doors at the bottom of the hall were cast wide, and, preceded by the major-domo with his wand, and four domestics bearing blazing torches, the guests of the evening entered the apartment.
It was upon the fourth day following Tara's incarceration in the tower that E-Thas, the major-domo of the palace and one of O-Tar's creatures, came to his master upon some trivial errand.
"They said that and more, great jeddak," answered the major-domo. "They said that not only did you fear to enter the chambers of O-Mai, but that you feared the slave Turan, and they blame you for your treatment of A-Kor, whom they all believe to have been murdered at your command.
The major-domo to whom I reported had been given instructions to station me near the person of the jeddak, who, in time of war, is always in great danger of assassination, as the rule that all is fair in war seems to constitute the entire ethics of Martian conflict.
But before he had finished reading, a stentorian major-domo announced that dinner was ready!
When all were done, the major-domo of the Prince of Helium recalled to the block such as had favourably impressed him.
Here, dolls compete for the approval of Aryan major-domo Lou (Nick Jonas).
However, Loizos the Major-Domo, Field Commander and Overseer of this empire is a man who has served his time in the great five-star kitchens of our coastal areas, and furthermore on the high seas with the ever demanding tour-line passengers.
It's there where former MI6 agent Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) works as major-domo, which is essentially a property manager.
He was the sole performer, brooking no competition other than the structural party support coordinated by his major-domo Amit Shah, titularly the BJP president.