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Noun1.major-league club - a team that plays in a major leaguemajor-league club - a team that plays in a major league
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
big league, major league, majors - the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
big leaguer, major leaguer - a member of a major-league baseball team
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Still, not every major-league club in today's age of roster roulette has emergent leaders.
Worth of the American Association in 1961 and on to the major-league club the latter part of the season.
15 to sign a contract with a major-league club, and his letter of intent with Oregon would become null should he fail to enroll at the university by fall term.
"A team's managers and coaching staff are assigned by the major-league club and take their instructions from that organization, not from the minor league team's owner or general manager.
Just as he has played for only one major-league club in his career, so too has his marriage to a hometown girl named Bonnie Rutledge lasted solidly, since 1972.
Only Bo Jackson, as Heisman Trophy winner with an NFL future, could get more money out of a major-league club, after 22 years, than Reichardt.
"Even though the Rays major-league club was not having a whole lot of success, their minor-league system has been rated No.
"We look forward to going in there and competing against another major-league club in our own city," Renteria said.
Fifteen years before Paige played for a major-league club, he got his first taste of integrated baseball in 1933.
He arrived the same day that fellow "Bonus Baby" Robin Roberts was promoted to the major-league club. (35)
Walker, born in Georgia and raised in Alabama, is accused of being one of the instigators, if not the mastermind, behind an alleged petition circulated among the Dodgers to oppose the promotion of Jackie Robinson to the major-league club in the spring of1947.