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Noun1.major-league team - a team that plays in a major leaguemajor-league team - a team that plays in a major league
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
big league, major league, majors - the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
big leaguer, major leaguer - a member of a major-league baseball team
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In 1929, the average major-league team pulled in $758,000 in revenue, of which $88,000 fell to the bottom line as profit.
Saunders will work out with the major-league team for a few days before making his next start with Salt Lake next week.
Spiritual heir to the remarkable Bill James Baseball Abstract, the Prospectus includes incisive essays on each major-league team, a number of pieces on new ways of thinking about such topics as the assessment of defense and player performance, as well as short, well-informed takes on more than a thousand players, including just about everyone with even a prayer of wearing a big-league uniform in 2005.
Petersburg to have a major-league team conduct their spring training in the city.
Apparently, once a major-league team makes a sartorial change, it can't make another for two years.
Meeting of the minds: Scioscia said Thursday's Angels summit was positive and virtually everything with the major-league team was discussed.
Izturis update: Maicer Izturis is expected to rejoin the major-league team some time before Friday's game.
The Angels wanted Merloni to sign an agreement stipulating he would accept a minor-league assignment, but Merloni refused, saying he'd only do so if he would be given the option of free agency if another major-league team was interested.
Born and raised a Dodgers fan, he finds himself intrigued by the Angels, once Southern California's backwater team, and its new owner, Arturo Moreno, the first Latino to own a major-league team.
He knew it would be his destiny to be a member of a major-league team, preparing himself in March for the grueling six-month season.
This is almost certainly Henderson's last go-around with a major-league team.
Gil said if he is not claimed by another major-league team, he will accept an assignment to the Angels' Triple-A affiliate in Salt Lake City and would hope to rejoin the Angels when rosters expand in September.