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Noun1.major-league team - a team that plays in a major leaguemajor-league team - a team that plays in a major league
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
big league, major league, majors - the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)
big leaguer, major leaguer - a member of a major-league baseball team
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My speed and control must both have been above the ordinary, for I made such a record during my senior year at college that overtures were made to me in behalf of one of the great major-league teams; but in the tightest pitch that ever had confronted me in the past I had never been in such need for control as now.
After the Dodgers' and Giants' departure, New York City's mayor, Robert Wagner, created the Mayor's Baseball Committee to bring a major-league team back to New York.
Spiritual heir to the remarkable Bill James Baseball Abstract, the Prospectus includes incisive essays on each major-league team, a number of pieces on new ways of thinking about such topics as the assessment of defense and player performance, as well as short, well-informed takes on more than a thousand players, including just about everyone with even a prayer of wearing a big-league uniform in 2005.
Atlanta businessman Charles Vaughn says he has a plan and investors to buy a major-league team and move it to Puerto Rico, reports AP (April 11, 2003):
While many Indiana baseball fans were hoping that Indianapolis would be included in the major-league team expansion this year -- once a real possibility -- the state does have a new team.
Spackman now knows someone with just about every major-league team, and prime seats await her whenever she visits big-league cities.
In 1929, the average major-league team pulled in $758,000 in revenue, of which $88,000 fell to the bottom line as profit.
The International League consisted of many of the largest northeastern cities in North America that did not have a major-league team: Baltimore, Buffalo, Jersey City, Montreal, Newark, Providence, Rochester, and Toronto.
Welcomed back to the Northwest League at a meeting in January of 1974, it was way too late for Eugene to find a working agreement with a major-league team, so the team would have to make a go of it as an independent, meaning the Ems would own and pay all of their players.
According to Fox Sports Detroit, the White Sox became the first major-league team since at least 1974 to put a runner on base in every inning of a four-game series.
That level is often popular with fans because most of the best prospects for a major-league team make a stop at the AA level, and usually spend most if not all of a season there, a contrast to the AAA level that is subject to constant roster changes.
There were also independent years for the Ems, when they had no formal working agreement with a major-league team. That meant the franchise paid all the salaries of its players, a situation Eugene was last in for the '74 season, though other Northwest League franchises went at it similarly without major-league help into the next decade.