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or ma·jor·do·mo  (mā′jər-dō′mō)
n. pl. ma·jor-do·mos or ma·jor·do·mos
1. The head steward or butler in the household of a sovereign or great noble.
2. A steward or butler.
3. One who makes arrangements or directs affairs for another.

[Italian maggiordomo or Spanish mayordomo, both from Medieval Latin māior domūs : Latin māior, chief; see meg- in Indo-European roots + Latin domūs, genitive of domus, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -mos
1. (Professions) the chief steward or butler of a great household
2. facetious a steward or butler
[C16: from Spanish mayordomo, from Medieval Latin mājor domūs head of the household]
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(ˌmeɪ dʒərˈdoʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
1. a man in charge of a great household, as that of a sovereign.
2. a steward; butler.
3. a person who makes arrangements for another.
[1580–90; < Italian maggiordomo or Sp mayordomo < Medieval Latin majordomūs head of the house]
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Noun1.major-domo - the chief steward or butler of a great householdmajor-domo - the chief steward or butler of a great household
servant, retainer - a person working in the service of another (especially in the household)
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nHaushofmeister m, → Majordomus m
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References in classic literature ?
The duke had a majordomo of a very facetious and sportive turn, and he it was that played the part of Merlin, made all the arrangements for the late adventure, composed the verses, and got a page to represent Dulcinea; and now, with the assistance of his master and mistress, he got up another of the drollest and strangest contrivances that can be imagined.
The majordomo of the Duchess stood before them with a bow.
One Eye Kanty, owing to his early trade, held the always important post of chief armorer, while Peter the Hermit, the last of the five cut-throats whom Norman of Torn had bested that day, six years before, in the hut of Father Claude, had become majordomo of the great castle of Torn, which post included also the vital functions of quartermaster and commissary.
When I ring once, it is for my valet; twice, for my majordomo; thrice, for my steward, -- thus I do not waste a minute or a word.
For a long time, the two have been involved in the 'dialogue of the deaf' something that is seemingly exacerbating the problem.While they have maintained a sort of denialism resulting from toxic and tribal politics, their cohorts and majordomos kept on making things harder.
I'm not talking East Coast style, which is sartorial and includes a pecking order, but rather West Coast style, where it's all about being part of the family, where the majordomos take care of each other.
These men served not just as sex partners but as secretaries, majordomos at the Villa, travel agents as well as companions, and, more outgoing than the reserved Maugham, as means of making contact with people who furnished the material, often little changed, of his plots.
Founded 39 years ago, Sandra Taylor Agency places housekeepers, nannies, chefs, couples, certified nurse's aides, companions for elderly, butlers, housemen, cooks, majordomos, personal secretaries, assistants, chauffeurs, and estate managers.
It places nannies, housekeepers, domestic couples, butlers, housemen, chefs, chauffeurs, majordomos, gardeners, and estate managers throughout the U.S.
The Castellan makes the most outlandish statements as well as the most monstrous decisions, hiring and firing bizarre persons as masters of protocol, majordomos, honorary knights, and the like, while Klingsor, after many wildly irrational exchanges with the Burgherr, finally gets his chance at a singing duel with Walther (another Wagnerian allusion).
Chapter II of the 1699 statutes of the black sodality of Saint Anthony of Catagerona in Sao Pedro parish stipulates that a judge, a scribe, a treasurer, a procurator, and an unspecified number of majordomos should be elected by crioulo members, while a judge, a scribe, a treasurer, a procurator, and an unspecified number of majordomos were to be elected by Angolan members.
Here he does some of his research, surrounded by tennis trophies and shelves of reference books on coffee and tea--and framed letters of appreciation from the majordomos of the royal households of both Spain and England (when a royal visit falls to Barcelona, Cafes El Magnifico provides the coffee).