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adv. Slang
To a great or an intense degree; extremely or intensely: "I always think how funny it is we get along so good—us being majorly different" (Patricia Baird Green)."We were voted Cutest Couple—even though we never majorly made out" (Alex Sanchez).


slang chiefly US and Canadian very; really; extremely: it was majorly important for us to do that.


(ˈmeɪ dʒər li)
Slang. extremely; thoroughly: The class was majorly hard.


[ˈmeɪdʒərli] adv (= extremely) → sérieusement
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Despite the existing policies and laws, the concrete implementation of these laws is majorly absent across the country.
The books being sold at the fair were majorly taken from the stocks of BookXcess, a bookstore dealing in excess books from international distributors.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council majorly discussed the simplification of the return filing process.
He shared the short handwritten letter on Instagram and captioned it, 'When your musically gifted daughter walks in on you majorly struggling to learn the chords and lyrics of her favorite song #mysingingbuding'
And, also, that this business is in the hands of Hindu community majorly.
Omar, who was the first one to testify in the petition, said his loss was majorly caused by people confusing his name with that of his opponent.
General Aoun also met with Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Glenn Miles, accompanied by Embassy Military Attach, Buxton Christopher, with talks majorly touching on the current situation in Lebanon and the broad region.
This is a part of Indias effort to reduce reliance on China for the raw material majorly used for defence purposes.
The pressure on roads was majorly due to the heavy traffic as transporter's bodies ended their strike against a day-time ban imposed against them in accordance with the orders of the Sindh High Court.
com/report/train-control-and-management-systems-market Market Insights: The global train control and management systems market is majorly governed by increasing demand for faster yet safe transport and transit systems.
On majorly traveled road, with excellent street visibility and signage.
Water soluble polymers are majorly used for water treatment, and are also finding acceptance in food processing, paper, enhanced oil & natural gas recovery, surface coating, mineral processing, detergents, textiles, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and petroleum production.