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adv. Slang
To a great or an intense degree; extremely or intensely: "I always think how funny it is we get along so good—us being majorly different" (Patricia Baird Green)."We were voted Cutest Couple—even though we never majorly made out" (Alex Sanchez).


slang chiefly US and Canadian very; really; extremely: it was majorly important for us to do that.


(ˈmeɪ dʒər li)
Slang. extremely; thoroughly: The class was majorly hard.


[ˈmeɪdʒərli] adv (= extremely) → sérieusement
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The analyst believes that Amgen should be able to grow revenue "majorly" over the next 3 years as it leverages Otezla potential with its legal victory on Enbrel, stating that there is a case for its multiple to re-rate higher.
[ClickPress, Tue Aug 27 2019] Earthquake sensors are majorly used for the purpose of sensing the seismic waves generated by earthquake.
The Company's financial profile is reflected by a thin topline, majorly secured through DAP trading.
Revenue stream would majorly include income from DAP trading, Carbon Dioxide plant activity, and other non-core activities, these income stream alongside consideration for acquisition from Fatima Fertilizer should enable the company in meeting its financial need.
Renal drugs are majorly used for kidney disease treatment.
Summary: Chamoli (Uttarakhand) [India], Aug 12 (ANI): Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat directed the administration to speed up the rescue and relief operations in Chamoli district, which has been majorly affected due to incessant rains.
I was unwell last week and admitted majorly to undertake medical tests which turned good,' a message seen by Star states.
Former captain and flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi, in his book GAME CHANGER, said that a senior batsman was majorly responsible for the breakdown of stability and goodwill within the team.
"I won't name him, but one of the seniors in the team at the time, a great batsman in his own right, was majorly responsible for the breakdown of stability and goodwill within the team.
In December 2016 officials at Fortis tried to meet Drinkwater to discuss the finances, but she unexpectedly that what I is majorly and I am sorry Johnston asked to go on annual leave before tendering her resignation saying: 'I know that what I have done is majorly wrong and I am sincerely sorry.
Yam porridge is a special type of African food prepared majorly from yam.
MARK Robins has explained his decision to drop Coventry City captain Michael Doyle - a call that left the star "majorly disappointed", his boss admitted.