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v. made (mād), mak·ing, makes
1. To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create: made problems for us; making a commotion.
2. To bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct: make a dress; made a stone wall.
3. To form by assembling individuals or constituents: We made a temporary information center using savvy volunteers.
4. To change from one form or function to another: make clay into bricks.
a. To cause to be or become: made her position clear; a decision that made him happy.
b. To cause to assume a specified function or role: made her treasurer; made Austin his home.
a. To cause to act in a specified manner: Heat makes gases expand.
b. To compel: made him quit.
a. To form in the mind: make an estimate.
b. To compose: make verses.
a. To prepare; fix: make dinner.
b. To get ready or set in order for use: made the bed.
c. To gather and light the materials for (a fire).
a. To engage in: make war.
b. To carry out; perform: make a phone call; make an incision.
10. To achieve, produce, or attain: made peace between the two sides; not making sense; didn't make the quota.
a. To institute or establish; enact: make laws.
b. To draw up and execute in a suitable form: make a will.
c. To arrange or agree to: make a date.
a. To arrive at; reach: made Seattle in two hours.
b. To reach in time: just made the plane.
a. To attain the rank or position of: made lieutenant.
b. To acquire a place in or on: made the baseball team; made the newspapers.
a. To gain or earn, as by working: make money.
b. To behave so as to acquire: make friends.
c. To score or achieve, as in a sport: made a field goal.
a. To assure the success of: Favorable reviews can make a play.
b. To favor the development of: Practice makes a winning team.
16. To be suited for: Oak makes strong furniture.
17. To develop into: will make a fine doctor.
a. To draw a conclusion as to the significance or nature of: don't know what to make of the decision.
b. To calculate as being; estimate: I make the height 20 feet.
c. To consider as being: wasn't the problem some people made it.
a. To constitute: They make a great team.
b. To add up to: Two and two make four.
c. To amount to: makes no difference.
20. To cover (a distance): made 200 miles before sunset
21. To constitute the essence or nature of: Clothes make the man.
22. To cause to be especially enjoyable or rewarding: Your being along really made the outing.
23. To appear to begin (an action): She made to leave.
24. Slang To persuade to have sexual intercourse.
1. To act or behave in a specified manner: make merry; make free.
2. To begin or appear to begin an action: made as if to shake my hand.
3. To cause something to be as specified: make ready; make sure.
4. To proceed in a certain direction: made for home; made after the thief.
5. Slang To pretend to be; imitate. Used with like: made like a ballerina.
6. To undergo fabrication or manufacture: This wool makes up into a warm shawl.
7. To rise or accumulate: The tide is making.
a. The style or manner in which a thing is made: disliked the make of my coat.
b. A specific line of manufactured goods, identified by the manufacturer's name or the registered trademark: a famous make of shirt.
c. The origin of a product's manufacturing: a bicycle of a French make.
a. The physical or moral nature of a person: found out what make of man he was.
b. The physical nature or build of an animal or person: a horse of a beautiful make.
3. Slang Identification of a person or thing, often from information in police records: Did you get a make on the thief?
Phrasal Verbs:
make for
1. To have or produce (a particular effect or result): small details that make for comfort.
2. To help promote; further: makes for better communication.
make off
To depart in haste; run away.
make out
1. To discern or see, especially with difficulty: I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain.
2. To understand: could not make out what she said.
3. To write out; draw up: made out the invoices.
4. To fill in (a form, for example).
5. Informal To represent as being: made me out to be a liar.
6. Informal To try to establish or prove: He made out that he was innocent.
7. To get along in a given way; fare: made out well in business.
8. Slang
a. To neck; pet.
b. To have sexual intercourse.
make over
1. To redo; renovate.
2. To change or transfer the ownership of, usually by means of a legal document: made over the property to her son.
make up
1. To put together; construct or compose: make up a prescription.
2. To constitute; form: Ten years make up a decade.
3. To alter one's appearance for a role on the stage, as with a costume and cosmetics.
4. To apply cosmetics.
5. To devise as a fiction or falsehood; invent: made up an excuse.
6. To make good (a deficit or lack): made up the difference in the bill.
7. To compensate for: make up for lost time.
8. To resolve a quarrel: kissed and made up.
9. To make ingratiating or fawning overtures. Used with to: made up to his friend's boss.
10. To take (an examination or course) again or at a later time because of previous absence or failure.
11. To set in order: make up a room.
12. Printing To select and arrange material for: made up the front page.
make with Slang
1. To bring into use: a flirt making with the eyes.
2. To put forth; produce: always making with the jokes.
make a clean breast of
To confess fully.
make a face
To distort the features of the face; grimace.
make a go of
To achieve success in: have made a go of the business.
make away with
1. To carry off; steal.
2. To use up or consume.
3. To kill or destroy.
make believe
To pretend.
make bold
To venture: I will not make so bold as to criticize such a scholar.
make book
To accept bets on a race, game, or contest.
make do
To manage to get along with the means available: had to make do on less income.
make ends meet
To manage so that one's means are sufficient for one's needs.
make eyes
To ogle.
make fun of
To mock; ridicule.
make good
1. To carry out successfully: made good his escape.
2. To fulfill: made good her promise.
3. To make compensation for; make up for: made good the loss.
4. To succeed: made good as a writer.
make hay
To turn to one's advantage: The candidate's opponents made hay of the scandal.
make heads or tails of
To understand: I couldn't make heads or tails of the report.
make history
To do something memorable or spectacular enough to influence the course of history: The first space flight made history.
make it
1. Informal To achieve a goal; be successful: finally made it as an actor.
2. Slang To have sexual intercourse.
make light of
To treat as unimportant: He made light of his illness.
make light work of
To do or accomplish easily.
make love
1. To engage in amorous caressing.
2. To engage in sexual intercourse.
make much of
To treat as of great importance.
make nice
To resolve a quarrel; make up.
make no bones about
To be forthright and candid about; acknowledge freely: They make no bones about their dislike for each other.
make off with
To snatch or steal: made off with the profits.
make (one's) day
To give one great pleasure.
make (one's) peace with
To bring oneself to accept; reconcile oneself to.
make (one's) way
1. To go forward; advance.
2. To succeed, especially in making a living.
make sail
1. To begin a voyage.
2. To set sail.
make sense
1. To be coherent or intelligible: an explanation that made sense.
2. To be practical or advisable: It makes sense to go now.
make something of
To start a fight or quarrel over.
make the grade
To measure up to a given standard.
make the most of
To use to the greatest advantage.
make the scene Slang
1. To put in an appearance: made the scene at the party.
2. To participate in a specified activity: made the drug scene.
make time
1. To travel speedily.
2. To travel at a specified rate: We made good time getting to town.
3. Slang To make progress toward attracting someone: tried to make time with the new neighbor.
make tracks Slang
To move or leave in a hurry.
make up (one's) mind
To decide between alternatives; come to a definite decision or opinion.
make waves Slang
To cause a disturbance or controversy.
make way
1. To give room for passage; move aside.
2. To make progress.
on the make Slang
1. Aggressively striving for financial or social improvement: a young executive on the make.
2. Eagerly seeking a sexual partner.

[Middle English maken, from Old English macian; see mag- in Indo-European roots.]

mak′a·ble, make′a·ble adj.
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vb (mainly tr) , makes, making or made
1. to bring into being by shaping, changing, or combining materials, ideas, etc; form or fashion; create: to make a chair from bits of wood; make a poem.
2. to draw up, establish, or form: to make a decision; make one's will.
3. to cause to exist, bring about, or produce: don't make a noise.
4. to cause, compel, or induce: please make him go away.
5. to appoint or assign, as to a rank or position: they made him chairman.
6. to constitute: one swallow doesn't make a summer.
7. (also intr) to come or cause to come into a specified state or condition: to make merry; make someone happy.
8. (copula) to be or become through development: he will make a good teacher.
9. to cause or ensure the success of: your news has made my day.
10. to amount to: twelve inches make a foot.
11. to be part of or a member of: did she make one of the party?.
12. to serve as or be suitable for: that piece of cloth will make a coat.
13. to prepare or put into a fit condition for use: to make a bed.
14. to be the essential element in or part of: charm makes a good salesman.
15. to carry out, effect, or do: to make a gesture.
16. (intr; foll by to, as if to, or as though to) to act with the intention or with a show of doing something: they made to go out; he made as if to hit her.
17. to use for a specified purpose: I will make this town my base.
18. to deliver or pronounce: to make a speech.
19. to judge, reckon, or give one's own opinion or information as to: what time do you make it?.
20. to cause to seem or represent as being: that furniture makes the room look dark.
21. to earn, acquire, or win for oneself: to make friends; make a fortune.
22. to engage in: make love not war.
23. to traverse or cover (distance) by travelling: we can make a hundred miles by nightfall.
24. to arrive in time for: he didn't make the first act of the play.
25. (Card Games) to win a trick with (a specified card)
26. (Card Games) to shuffle (the cards)
27. (Bridge) bridge to fulfil (a contract) by winning the necessary number of tricks
28. (Cricket) cricket to score (runs)
29. (Electronics) electronics to close (a circuit) permitting a flow of current. Compare break44
30. (intr) to increase in depth: the water in the hold was making a foot a minute.
31. (Agriculture) (intr) (of hay) to dry and mature
32. informal to gain a place or position on or in: to make the headlines; make the first team.
33. informal to achieve the rank of
34. slang to seduce
35. (Gambling, except Cards) make a book to take bets on a race or other contest
36. make a day of it to cause an activity to last a day
37. make a night of it to cause an activity to last a night
38. make do See do137
39. make eyes at to flirt with or ogle
40. make good See good44
41. (Nautical Terms) make heavy weather nautical to roll and pitch in heavy seas
42. make heavy weather of something informal to carry something out with great difficulty or unnecessarily great effort
43. make it
a. informal to be successful in doing something
b. (foll by with) slang to have sexual intercourse
c. slang to inject a narcotic drug
44. make like slang chiefly US and Canadian to imitate
45. make love
a. to have sexual intercourse
b. archaic to engage in courtship
46. make love to someone
a. to have sexual intercourse with someone
b. archaic to engage in courtship with someone
47. make or break to bring success or ruin
48. make time See time45
49. (Physiology) another term for urinate
50. (Nautical Terms) (of a boat, hull, etc) to let in water
51. brand, type, or style: what make of car is that?.
52. the manner or way in which something is made
53. disposition or character; make-up
54. the act or process of making
55. the amount or number made
56. (Bridge) bridge the contract to be played
57. (Card Games) cards a player's turn to shuffle
58. on the make
a. informal out for profit or conquest
b. slang in search of a sexual partner
[Old English macian; related to Old Frisian makia to construct, Dutch maken, German machen to make]
ˈmakable adj


1. a peer or consort
2. a mate or spouse
[Old English gemaca mate; related to match1]
ˈmakeless adj
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v. made, mak•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to bring into existence by shaping, changing, or combining material: to make a dress.
2. to cause to exist or happen: to make trouble.
3. to cause to become: to make someone happy.
4. to appoint: made her chairwoman.
5. to put in the proper condition or state, as for use; prepare: to make a bed; made dinner.
6. to transform: making a vice into a virtue.
7. to induce; compel: to make them do it.
8. to produce, earn, or win for oneself: to make a good salary.
9. to write; compose: to make a poem.
10. to draft: to make a will.
11. to agree upon; arrange: to make a deal.
12. to establish; enact: to make laws.
13. to become: You'll make a good lawyer.
14. to form in the mind: to make a decision.
15. to judge as to the truth, nature, or meaning of: What do you make of that remark?
16. to estimate; reckon: I make the value at $1000.
17. to put together; form: to make a matched set.
18. to amount to; total: Two plus two makes four.
19. to provide: That book makes good reading.
20. to be sufficient to constitute: One story does not make a writer.
21. to be adequate or suitable for: This table will make a good lectern.
22. to assure the success or fame of: to make someone's reputation.
23. to deliver; utter: to make a stirring speech.
24. to move at a particular speed: to make 60 miles an hour.
25. to reach; attain: didn't quite make 79 before dying.
26. to catch: just made the last plane.
27. to attain a position in or on: The novel made the bestseller list.
28. to receive notice in or on: It made the evening news.
29. Slang. to have sexual intercourse with.
a. to take a trick with (a card).
b. to fulfill (a contract or bid) in bridge.
31. to score: She made 40 points.
32. to close (an electric circuit).
33. to act so as to be what is specified: to make sure.
34. to be made, as specified: This fabric makes into beautiful drapery.
35. to move or proceed in a particular direction: to make after the thief.
36. make away with, to carry off; steal.
37. make for,
a. to move toward.
b. to promote: Calm makes for fewer arguments.
38. make off, to run away.
39. make off with, to steal.
40. make out,
a. to write out or complete, as a bill or check.
b. to perceive the meaning of; fathom.
c. to decipher; discern.
d. to suggest or impute: He made me out to be a liar.
e. to manage; succeed: How are you making out in school?
f. Slang. to engage in kissing and caressing; neck.
g. Slang. to have sexual intercourse.
41. make over,
a. to remodel; alter.
b. to transfer the title of (property).
42. make up,
a. to constitute; compose.
b. to put together; compile.
c. to concoct; invent.
d. to compensate: This will make up for your trouble.
e. to complete.
f. to put in order; arrange: made up the bed.
g. to settle; decide: Make up your mind.
h. to settle amicably.
i. to become reconciled.
j. to dress in costume and makeup.
k. to apply cosmetics.
l. to make good on (something deficient).
m. to arrange typeset and graphic matter for: making up newspaper pages.
43. make up to, to behave ingratiatingly toward.
44. make with, Informal. to employ; use: Stop making with the jokes.
45. the style or manner in which something is made; form.
46. brand: a foreign make of car.
47. disposition; character.
48. the act or process of making.
49. quantity made; output.
50. Slang. identification; description: to get a make on the crook.
1. make as if or as though, Informal. to act as if; pretend.
2. make believe, to pretend; imagine.
3. make do, to manage with whatever is available.
4. make good,
a. to succeed.
b. to provide payment or redress for.
c. to accomplish successfully.
d. Also, make good on. to fulfill, as a promise.
5. make it, to achieve success.
6. make light of, to treat as insignificant.
7. make like, Informal. to pretend to be or to be like: to make like a clown.
8. make much of,
a. to treat as significant.
b. to be attentive to.
9. make short work of, to finish or dispose of quickly.
10. on the make,
a. in pursuit of social, professional, or financial gain.
b. Slang. in search of amorous or sexual activity.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English macian, c. Old Frisian makia, Old Saxon makōn, Old High German mahhōn]
mak′a•ble, make′a•ble, adj.
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1. 'brand'

A brand is a product that has its own name, and is made by a particular company. You usually use brand to talk about things that you buy in shops, such as food, drink, and clothes.

This is my favourite brand of cereal.
I bought one of the leading brands.
2. 'make'

Don't confuse brand with make. You use make to talk about the names of products such as machines or cars, which last for a long time.

This is a very popular make of bike.

Be Careful!
Don't use the plural form of a noun after brand of or make of. For example, don't talk about 'a make of vehicles'. Say 'a make of vehicle'.

Be Careful!
Don't talk about the 'mark' of a product. For example, don't say 'What mark of coffee do you drink?' Say 'What brand of coffee do you drink?' Don't say 'What mark of car do you drive?' Say 'What make of car do you drive?'


Make is a very common verb which is used in many different ways. The past tense and -ed participle of make is made.

1. performing an action

Make is most often used to say that someone performs an action. For example, if someone suggests something, you can say that they make a suggestion. If someone promises something, you can say that they make a promise.

I think that I made the wrong decision.
He made a short speech.

Here is a list of common nouns that you can use with make in this way:


Don't use 'make' when you are talking generally about action, rather than referring to a particular action. Instead use do. For example, if you are unsure what action to take, don't say 'I don't know what to make'. Say 'I don't know what to do'.

What are you going to do at the weekend?
You've done a lot to help us.
2. making an object or substance

If you make an object or substance, you construct or produce it.

Asha makes all her own clothes.
They make furniture out of recycled plastic.

You can also say that someone makes a meal or a drink.

I made some breakfast.
See cook

When make is used to talk about constructing or producing something, it can have an indirect object. You say that you make someone something, or make something for them.

I'll make you a drink.
She made a copy for her colleague.
3. making someone do something

If someone forces you to do something, you can say that they make you do it.

You've got to make him listen.
Mom made us clean up the mess.

Be Careful!
In active sentences like these, don't use a to-infinitive after make. Don't say, for example, 'You've got to make him to listen'.

However, in passive sentences you must use a to-infinitive.

They were made to pay for the damage.
One woman was made to wait more than an hour.
4. used to mean 'be'

Make is sometimes used instead of 'be' to say how successful someone is in a particular job or role. For example, instead of saying 'He will be a good prime minister', you can say 'He will make a good prime minister'.

You'll make a great teacher.
They made a good team.


1. 'mark'

A mark is a small stain or damaged area on a surface.

...grease marks.
There seems to be a dirty mark on it.

A mark is also a number or letter which indicates your score in a test or examination.

You need 120 marks out of 200 to pass.

Note that in American English, the word for this is usually points.

I got 30 points on the test out of 60.

Mark sometimes appears in the name of a vehicle or machine, followed by a number.

...his Mark II Ford Cortina.
2. 'make'

However, you do not refer to a type of product as a 'mark'. If you want to indicate which company makes a product, you use the noun make.

She couldn't tell what make of car he was driving.
See make
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Past participle: made
Gerund: making

I make
you make
he/she/it makes
we make
you make
they make
I made
you made
he/she/it made
we made
you made
they made
Present Continuous
I am making
you are making
he/she/it is making
we are making
you are making
they are making
Present Perfect
I have made
you have made
he/she/it has made
we have made
you have made
they have made
Past Continuous
I was making
you were making
he/she/it was making
we were making
you were making
they were making
Past Perfect
I had made
you had made
he/she/it had made
we had made
you had made
they had made
I will make
you will make
he/she/it will make
we will make
you will make
they will make
Future Perfect
I will have made
you will have made
he/she/it will have made
we will have made
you will have made
they will have made
Future Continuous
I will be making
you will be making
he/she/it will be making
we will be making
you will be making
they will be making
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been making
you have been making
he/she/it has been making
we have been making
you have been making
they have been making
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been making
you will have been making
he/she/it will have been making
we will have been making
you will have been making
they will have been making
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been making
you had been making
he/she/it had been making
we had been making
you had been making
they had been making
I would make
you would make
he/she/it would make
we would make
you would make
they would make
Past Conditional
I would have made
you would have made
he/she/it would have made
we would have made
you would have made
they would have made
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.make - a recognizable kindmake - a recognizable kind; "there's a new brand of hero in the movies now"; "what make of car is that?"
kind, sort, form, variety - a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality; "sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of desserts are there?"
2.make - the act of mixing cards haphazardlymake - the act of mixing cards haphazardly
reordering - a rearrangement in a different order
reshuffling, reshuffle - shuffling again; "the gambler demanded a reshuffle"
riffle - shuffling by splitting the pack and interweaving the two halves at their corners
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards
Verb1.make - engage in; "make love, not war"; "make an effort"; "do research"; "do nothing"; "make revolution"
make - perform or carry out; "make a decision"; "make a move"; "make advances"; "make a phone call"
overdo, exaggerate - do something to an excessive degree; "He overdid it last night when he did 100 pushups"
2.make - give certain properties to something; "get someone mad"; "She made us look silly"; "He made a fool of himself at the meeting"; "Don't make this into a big deal"; "This invention will make you a millionaire"; "Make yourself clear"
render - cause to become; "The shot rendered her immobile"
get, let, have - cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition; "He got his squad on the ball"; "This let me in for a big surprise"; "He got a girl into trouble"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
leave - act or be so as to become in a specified state; "The inflation left them penniless"; "The president's remarks left us speechless"
3.make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
beget, father, sire, engender, mother, generate, bring forth, get - make children; "Abraham begot Isaac"; "Men often father children but don't recognize them"
procreate, reproduce, multiply - have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant; "The Bible tells people to procreate"
regenerate - form or produce anew; "regenerate hatred"
clear - make a way or path by removing objects; "Clear a path through the dense forest"
distil, distill, extract - extract by the process of distillation; "distill the essence of this compound"
educe, derive - develop or evolve from a latent or potential state
spume, suds, froth - make froth or foam and become bubbly; "The river foamed"
lay down, establish, make - institute, enact, or establish; "make laws"
puncture - make by piercing; "puncture a hole"
twine - make by twisting together or intertwining; "twine a rope"
cleave - make by cutting into; "The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock"
track - make tracks upon
institute, bring - advance or set forth in court; "bring charges", "institute proceedings"
short, short-circuit - create a short circuit in
re-create - create anew; "Re-create the boom of the West on a small scale"
grind - created by grinding; "grind designs into the glass bowl"
bring forth, generate - bring into existence; "The new manager generated a lot of problems"; "The computer bug generated chaos in the office"; "The computer generated this image"; "The earthquake generated a tsunami"
initiate, originate, start - bring into being; "He initiated a new program"; "Start a foundation"
yield, give - cause to happen or be responsible for; "His two singles gave the team the victory"
make for, wreak, bring, work, play - cause to happen or to occur as a consequence; "I cannot work a miracle"; "wreak havoc"; "bring comments"; "play a joke"; "The rain brought relief to the drought-stricken area"
bring up, call down, conjure, conjure up, invoke, call forth, put forward, arouse, evoke, stir, raise - summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic; "raise the specter of unemployment"; "he conjured wild birds in the air"; "call down the spirits from the mountain"
create by mental act, create mentally - create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands
create, make - create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"
actualise, actualize, realize, substantiate, realise - make real or concrete; give reality or substance to; "our ideas must be substantiated into actions"
cause, do, make - give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"
establish, give - bring about; "The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"
turn in, put on - carry out (performances); "They turned in a splendid effort"; "They turned in top jobs for the second straight game"
bear, turn out - bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"; "The unidentified plant bore gorgeous flowers"
build, construct, make - make by combining materials and parts; "this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"
build, establish - build or establish something abstract; "build a reputation"
assemble, put together, tack together, set up, piece, tack - create by putting components or members together; "She pieced a quilt"; "He tacked together some verses"; "They set up a committee"
style - make consistent with a certain fashion or style; "Style my hair"; "style the dress"
strike - produce by ignition or a blow; "strike fire from the flintstone"; "strike a match"
re-create, copy - make a replica of; "copy that drawing"; "re-create a picture by Rembrandt"
create verbally - create with or from words
compose, write - write music; "Beethoven composed nine symphonies"
choreograph - compose a sequence of dance steps, often to music; "Balanchine choreographed many pieces to Stravinsky's music"
direct - guide the actors in (plays and films)
4.make - cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner; "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"; "My children finally got me to buy a computer"; "My wife made me buy a new sofa"
decide - cause to decide; "This new development finally decided me!"
persuade - cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody's arm; "You can't persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"
bring - induce or persuade; "The confession of one of the accused brought the others to admit to the crime as well"
solicit - incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination; "He was accused of soliciting his colleagues to destroy the documents"
encourage - spur on; "His financial success encouraged him to look for a wife"
let - actively cause something to happen; "I let it be known that I was not interested"
lead - cause to undertake a certain action; "Her greed led her to forge the checks"
instigate, prompt, inspire - serve as the inciting cause of; "She prompted me to call my relatives"
suborn - induce to commit perjury or give false testimony; "The President tried to suborn false witnesses"
compel, obligate, oblige - force somebody to do something; "We compel all students to fill out this form"
5.make - give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"
shape, determine, influence, regulate, mold - shape or influence; give direction to; "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
initiate, pioneer - take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of; "This South African surgeon pioneered heart transplants"
effect, effectuate, set up - produce; "The scientists set up a shock wave"
make - compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way; "People cannot be made to integrate just by passing a law!"; "Heat makes you sweat"
occasion - give occasion to
call forth, evoke, kick up, provoke - evoke or provoke to appear or occur; "Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the couple"
breed, engender, spawn - call forth
incite, motivate, prompt, propel, actuate, move - give an incentive for action; "This moved me to sacrifice my career"
impel, force - urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate
facilitate - increase the likelihood of (a response); "The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse"
6.make - create or manufacture a man-made productmake - create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"
breed - cause to procreate (animals); "She breeds dogs"
redo, refashion, remake, make over - make new; "She is remaking her image"
prefabricate - produce synthetically, artificially, or stereotypically and unoriginally
underproduce - produce below capacity or demand; "The East German factories were underproducing for many years"
output - to create or manufacture a specific amount; "the computer is outputting the data from the job I'm running"
pulse, pulsate - produce or modulate (as electromagnetic waves) in the form of short bursts or pulses or cause an apparatus to produce pulses; "pulse waves"; "a transmitter pulsed by an electronic tube"
clap together, clap up, slap together - make hastily and carelessly
customise, customize, custom-make, tailor-make - make to specifications; "I had this desk custom-made for me"
dummy, dummy up - make a dummy of; "dummy up the books that are to be published"
turn out - produce quickly or regularly, usually with machinery; "This factory turns out saws"
machine - make by machinery; "The Americans were machining while others still hand-made cars"
churn out - produce something at a fast rate; "He churns out papers, but they are all about the same topic"
overproduce - produce in excess; "The country overproduces cars"
elaborate - produce from basic elements or sources; change into a more developed product; "The bee elaborates honey"
put out - put out considerable effort; "He put out the same for seven managers"
laminate - create laminate by bonding sheets of material with a bonding material
bootleg - produce or distribute illegally; "bootleg tapes of the diva's singing"
generate - produce (energy); "We can't generate enough power for the entire city"; "The hydroelectric plant needs to generate more electricity"
generate, yield, render, give, return - give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
create, make - create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"
extrude, squeeze out - form or shape by forcing through an opening; "extrude steel"
smelt - extract (metals) by heating
reproduce - make a copy or equivalent of; "reproduce the painting"
preassemble, prefabricate - to manufacture sections of (a building), especially in a factory, so that they can be easily transported to and rapidly assembled on a building site of buildings
fudge together, throw together - produce shoddily, without much attention to detail
print, publish - put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"
confect - make or construct
proof - make or take a proof of, such as a photographic negative, an etching, or typeset
burn, cut - create by duplicating data; "cut a disk"; "burn a CD"
7.make - make, formulate, or derive in the mind; "I draw a line here"; "draw a conclusion"; "draw parallels"; "make an estimate"; "What do you make of his remarks?"
make - calculate as being; "I make the height about 100 feet"
create by mental act, create mentally - create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands
8.make - compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain waymake - compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way; "People cannot be made to integrate just by passing a law!"; "Heat makes you sweat"
cause, do, make - give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"
drive - compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment; "She finally drove him to change jobs"
9.make - create by artistic meansmake - create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
do, make - create or design, often in a certain way; "Do my room in blue"; "I did this piece in wood to express my love for the forest"
produce, create, make - create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"
design - create the design for; create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner; "Chanel designed the famous suit"
design - create designs; "Dupont designs for the house of Chanel"
10.make - earn on some commercial or business transactionmake - earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages; "How much do you make a month in your new job?"; "She earns a lot in her new job"; "this merger brought in lots of money"; "He clears $5,000 each month"
make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends"; "make enemies"
acquire, get - come into the possession of something concrete or abstract; "She got a lot of paintings from her uncle"; "They acquired a new pet"; "Get your results the next day"; "Get permission to take a few days off from work"
squeeze out, eke out - make by laborious and precarious means; "He eked out a living as a painter"
turn a profit, profit - make a profit; gain money or materially; "The company has not profited from the merger"
rake off - take money from an illegal transaction
take home, bring home - earn as a salary or wage; "How much does your wife take home after taxes and other deductions?"
rake in, shovel in - earn large sums of money; "Since she accepted the new position, she has been raking it in"
net, sack up, sack, clear - make as a net profit; "The company cleared $1 million"
gross - earn before taxes, expenses, etc.
pay, bear, yield - bring in; "interest-bearing accounts"; "How much does this savings certificate pay annually?"
11.make - create or design, often in a certain waymake - create or design, often in a certain way; "Do my room in blue"; "I did this piece in wood to express my love for the forest"
create, make - create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"
unmake, undo - deprive of certain characteristics
12.make - to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"; "The branches made a roof"; "This makes a fine introduction"
constitute, make up, comprise, be, represent - form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"
chelate - form a chelate, in chemistry
add - constitute an addition; "This paper will add to her reputation"
13.make - reach a goal, e.g., "make the first team"; "We made it!"; "She may not make the grade"
achieve, attain, accomplish, reach - to gain with effort; "she achieved her goal despite setbacks"
14.make - be or be capable of being changed or made into; "He makes a great host"; "He will make a fine father"
become - come into existence; "What becomes has duration"
15.make - make by shaping or bringing together constituentsmake - make by shaping or bringing together constituents; "make a dress"; "make a cake"; "make a wall of stones"
compile, compose - put together out of existing material; "compile a list"
compile - use a computer program to translate source code written in a particular programming language into computer-readable machine code that can be executed
fabricate, manufacture, construct - put together out of artificial or natural components or parts; "the company fabricates plastic chairs"; "They manufacture small toys"; He manufactured a popular cereal"
fashion, forge - make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"
cooper - make barrels and casks
16.make - perform or carry out; "make a decision"; "make a move"; "make advances"; "make a phone call"
perform, do, execute - carry out or perform an action; "John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"; "the skater executed a triple pirouette"; "she did a little dance"
pay - render; "pay a visit"; "pay a call"
do, make - engage in; "make love, not war"; "make an effort"; "do research"; "do nothing"; "make revolution"
17.make - make by combining materials and partsmake - make by combining materials and parts; "this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"
customise, customize - make according to requirements; "customize a car"
revet - construct a revetment
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
dry-wall - construct with drywall; "dry-wall the basement of the house"
lock - build locks in order to facilitate the navigation of vessels
wattle - build of or with wattle
frame up, frame - construct by fitting or uniting parts together
rebuild, reconstruct - build again; "The house was rebuild after it was hit by a bomb"
groin - build with groins; "The ceiling was groined"
cantilever - construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed; "Frank Lloyd Wright liked to cantilever his buildings"
erect, put up, set up, rear, raise - construct, build, or erect; "Raise a barn"
build - be engaged in building; "These architects build in interesting and new styles"
corduroy - build (a road) from logs laid side by side
channelise, channelize - make a channel for; provide with a channel; "channelize the country for better transportation"
18.make - change from one form into anothermake - change from one form into another; "make water into wine"; "make lead into gold"; "make clay into bricks"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
19.make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends"; "make enemies"
behave, act, do - behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself; "You should act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a fool"; "What makes her do this way?"; "The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people"
earn, realise, pull in, bring in, realize, gain, make, take in, clear - earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages; "How much do you make a month in your new job?"; "She earns a lot in her new job"; "this merger brought in lots of money"; "He clears $5,000 each month"
get, have, make - achieve a point or goal; "Nicklaus had a 70"; "The Brazilian team got 4 goals"; "She made 29 points that day"
20.make - charge with a function; charge to be; "She was named Head of the Committee"; "She was made president of the club"
rename - name again or anew; "He was renamed Minister of the Interior"
appoint, charge - assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to; "He was appointed deputy manager"; "She was charged with supervising the creation of a concordance"
21.make - achieve a point or goal; "Nicklaus had a 70"; "The Brazilian team got 4 goals"; "She made 29 points that day"
make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends"; "make enemies"
rack up, score, tally, hit - gain points in a game; "The home team scored many times"; "He hit a home run"; "He hit .300 in the past season"
22.make - reach a destination, either real or abstractmake - reach a destination, either real or abstract; "We hit Detroit by noon"; "The water reached the doorstep"; "We barely made it to the finish line"; "I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts"
catch up - reach the point where one should be after a delay; "I caught up on my homework"
surmount, scale - reach the highest point of; "We scaled the Mont Blanc"
get at, access - reach or gain access to; "How does one access the attic in this house?"; "I cannot get to the T.V. antenna, even if I climb on the roof"
bottom out - reach the low point; "Prices bottomed out and started to rise again after a while"
peak, top out - to reach the highest point; attain maximum intensity, activity; "That wild, speculative spirit peaked in 1929";"Bids for the painting topped out at $50 million"
summit, breast - reach the summit (of a mountain); "They breasted the mountain"; "Many mountaineers go up Mt. Everest but not all summit"
top - reach or ascend the top of; "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon"
make - reach in time; "We barely made the plane"
find - succeed in reaching; arrive at; "The arrow found its mark"
culminate - reach the highest altitude or the meridian, of a celestial body
come through, get through - succeed in reaching a real or abstract destination after overcoming problems; "We finally got through the bureaucracy and could talk to the Minister"
run aground, ground - hit or reach the ground
23.make - institute, enact, or establish; "make laws"
set, mark - establish as the highest level or best performance; "set a record"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
24.make - carry out or commit; "make a mistake"; "commit a faux-pas"
commit, perpetrate, pull - perform an act, usually with a negative connotation; "perpetrate a crime"; "pull a bank robbery"
25.make - form by assembling individuals or constituents; "Make a quorum"
get together, assemble, gather - get people together; "assemble your colleagues"; "get together all those who are interested in the project"; "gather the close family members"
make - add up to; "four and four make eight"
26.make - organize or be responsible for; "hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"
direct - be in charge of
27.make - put in order or neatenmake - put in order or neaten; "make the bed"; "make up a room"
clean up, neaten, square away, tidy, tidy up, straighten, straighten out - put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"
make - gather and light the materials for; "make a fire"
28.make - head into a specified direction; "The escaped convict took to the hills"; "We made for the mountains"
head - to go or travel towards; "where is she heading"; "We were headed for the mountains"
29.make - have a bowel movement; "The dog had made in the flower beds"
make water, micturate, pass water, pee, pee-pee, relieve oneself, spend a penny, take a leak, wee, wee-wee, urinate, piddle, puddle, make - eliminate urine; "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"
egest, excrete, eliminate, pass - eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone"
dung - defecate; used of animals
30.make - undergo fabrication or creationmake - undergo fabrication or creation; "This wool makes into a nice sweater"
change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night"
31.make - be suitable for; "Wood makes good furniture"
be - have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun); "John is rich"; "This is not a good answer"
32.make - add up tomake - add up to; "four and four make eight"
arithmetic - the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations
make - form by assembling individuals or constituents; "Make a quorum"
number, total, amount, add up, come - add up in number or quantity; "The bills amounted to $2,000"; "The bill came to $2,000"
make - amount to; "This salary increase makes no difference to my standard of living"
33.make - amount to; "This salary increase makes no difference to my standard of living"
amount - be tantamount or equivalent to; "Her action amounted to a rebellion"
make - add up to; "four and four make eight"
34.make - constitute the essence of; "Clothes make the man"
constitute, make up, comprise, be, represent - form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"
35.make - appear to begin an activity; "He made to speak but said nothing in the end"; "She made as if to say hello to us"
appear, seem, look - give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect; "She seems to be sleeping"; "This appears to be a very difficult problem"; "This project looks fishy"; "They appeared like people who had not eaten or slept for a long time"
36.make - proceed along a path; "work one's way through the crowd"; "make one's way into the forest"
claw - move as if by clawing, seizing, or digging; "They clawed their way to the top of the mountain"
jostle - make one's way by jostling, pushing, or shoving; "We had to jostle our way to the front of the platform"
go across, pass, go through - go across or through; "We passed the point where the police car had parked"; "A terrible thought went through his mind"
bushwhack - cut one's way through the woods or bush
work - proceed towards a goal or along a path or through an activity; "work your way through every problem or task"; "She was working on her second martini when the guests arrived"; "Start from the bottom and work towards the top"
37.make - reach in time; "We barely made the plane"
arrive at, reach, attain, gain, hit, make - reach a destination, either real or abstract; "We hit Detroit by noon"; "The water reached the doorstep"; "We barely made it to the finish line"; "I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts"
38.make - gather and light the materials for; "make a fire"
make up, make - put in order or neaten; "make the bed"; "make up a room"
ready, prepare, cook, fix, make - prepare for eating by applying heat; "Cook me dinner, please"; "can you make me an omelette?"; "fix breakfast for the guests, please"
39.make - prepare for eating by applying heatmake - prepare for eating by applying heat; "Cook me dinner, please"; "can you make me an omelette?"; "fix breakfast for the guests, please"
preserve, keep - prevent (food) from rotting; "preserved meats"; "keep potatoes fresh"
dress out, dress - kill and prepare for market or consumption; "dress a turkey"
deglaze - dissolve cooking juices or solid food in (a pan) by adding liquid and stirring
escallop, scallop - bake in a sauce, milk, etc., often with breadcrumbs on top
flambe - pour liquor over and ignite (a dish)
put on - put on the stove or ready for cooking; "put on the tea, please!"
devil - coat or stuff with a spicy paste; "devilled eggs"
precook - cook beforehand so that the actual preparation won't take long; "precook the rice"
whip up, whomp up - prepare or cook quickly or hastily
cook up, concoct - prepare or cook by mixing ingredients; "concoct a strange mixture"
lard - prepare or cook with lard; "lard meat"
make - gather and light the materials for; "make a fire"
40.make - induce to have sex; "Harry finally seduced Sally"; "Did you score last night?"; "Harry made Sally"
persuade - cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody's arm; "You can't persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"
41.make - assure the success of; "A good review by this critic will make your play!"
assure, ensure, guarantee, insure, secure - make certain of; "This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us"; "Preparation will guarantee success!"
break - cause the failure or ruin of; "His peccadilloes finally broke his marriage"; "This play will either make or break the playwright"
42.make - represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act likemake - represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like; "She makes like an actress"
dissemble, feign, pretend, sham, affect - make believe with the intent to deceive; "He feigned that he was ill"; "He shammed a headache"
go through the motions - pretend to do something by acting as if one was really doing it; "She isn't really working--she's just going through the motions"
act, play, represent - play a role or part; "Gielgud played Hamlet"; "She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role"; "She played the servant to her husband's master"
43.make - consider as being; "It wasn't the problem some people made it"
consider, regard, view, reckon, see - deem to be; "She views this quite differently from me"; "I consider her to be shallow"; "I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do"
make - calculate as being; "I make the height about 100 feet"
44.make - calculate as being; "I make the height about 100 feet"
estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge - judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
make - consider as being; "It wasn't the problem some people made it"
draw, make - make, formulate, or derive in the mind; "I draw a line here"; "draw a conclusion"; "draw parallels"; "make an estimate"; "What do you make of his remarks?"
45.make - cause to be enjoyable or pleasurable; "make my day"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
46.make - favor the development of; "Practice makes the winner"
develop - generate gradually; "We must develop more potential customers"; "develop a market for the new mobile phone"
47.make - develop into; "He will make a splendid father!"
grow, develop - grow emotionally or mature; "The child developed beautifully in her new kindergarten"; "When he spent a summer at camp, the boy grew noticeably and no longer showed some of his old adolescent behavior"
48.make - behave in a certain way; "make merry"
behave, act, do - behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself; "You should act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a fool"; "What makes her do this way?"; "The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people"
49.make - eliminate urinemake - eliminate urine; "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"
urinate - pass after the manner of urine; "The sick men urinated blood"
wet - make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating; "This eight year old boy still wets his bed"
stale - urinate, of cattle and horses
egest, excrete, eliminate, pass - eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone"
ca-ca, crap, defecate, take a crap, stool, make - have a bowel movement; "The dog had made in the flower beds"
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1. produce, cause, create, effect, lead to, occasion, generate, bring about, give rise to, engender, beget The crash made a noise like a building coming down.
2. perform, do, act out, effect, carry out, engage in, execute, prosecute I made a gesture at him and turned away.
3. reach, come to, establish, conclude, seal, settle on, determine on We've got to make a decision by next week.
4. give, deliver, pronounce, utter, recite I've been asked to make a speech.
5. score, gain, amass, win, notch up (informal), chalk up (informal) He made 1,972 runs for the county
6. force, cause, press, compel, drive, require, oblige, induce, railroad (informal), constrain, coerce, impel, dragoon, pressurize, prevail upon You can't make me do anything.
7. appoint, name, select, elect, invest, install, nominate, assign, designate, hire as, cast as, employ as, ordain, vote in as, recruit as, engage as, enlist as They made him transport minister.
9. prepare, cook, put together, get ready, whip up, concoct, throw together, dish up, fix (U.S. informal) You wash while I make some lunch.
10. compile, write, produce, draft, pen, compose, draw up, formulate Make a list of your questions beforehand.
11. enact, form, pass, establish, fix, institute, frame, devise, lay down, draw up The only person who makes rules in this house is me.
12. earn, get, gain, net, win, clear, secure, realize, obtain, acquire, bring in, take in, fetch How much money did we make?
13. be, become, form, represent, serve as, come to be, embody, develop into, grow into, act as, function as She'll make a good actress, if she gets the training. Your idea will make a good book.
14. amount to, total, constitute, add up to, count as, tot up to (informal) They are adding three aircraft carriers. That makes six in all.
15. gain a place in, achieve a place in, get into, attain a place in The athletes are just happy to make the British team.
16. get to, reach, catch, arrive at, meet, arrive in time for We made the train, jumping aboard just as it was pulling out. We have to make New Orleans by nightfall.
17. calculate, judge, estimate, determine, think, suppose, reckon, work out, compute, gauge, count up, put a figure on I make the total for the year as £69,599.
1. brand, sort, style, model, build, form, mark, kind, type, variety, construction, marque What make of car did he rent?
make as if pretend, affect, give the impression that, feign, feint, make a show of, act as if or though He made as if to chase me.
make away or off with something steal, nick (slang, chiefly Brit.), pinch (informal), nab (informal), carry off, swipe (slang), knock off (slang), trouser (slang), pilfer, cart off (slang), purloin, filch They tied her up and made away with £2000.
make believe pretend, play, enact, feign, play-act, act as if or though He made believe he didn't understand what I was saying.
make do manage, cope, improvise, muddle through, get along or by, scrape along or by It's not going to be easy but I can make do.
make for something
1. head for, aim for, head towards, set out for, be bound for, make a beeline for, steer (a course) for, proceed towards He rose from his seat and made for the door.
2. contribute to, produce, further, forward, advance, promote, foster, facilitate, be conducive to A happy parent makes for a happy child.
make it (Informal)
1. succeed, be successful, prosper, be a success, arrive (informal), get on, make good, cut it (informal), get ahead, make the grade (informal), crack it (informal), make it big, get somewhere, distinguish yourself I have the talent to make it.
2. get better, survive, recover, rally, come through, pull through The nurses didn't think he was going to make it.
make off flee, clear out (informal), abscond, fly, bolt, decamp, hook it (slang), do a runner (slang), run for it (informal), slope off, cut and run (informal), beat a hasty retreat, fly the coop (U.S. & Canad. informal), make away, skedaddle (informal), take a powder (U.S. & Canad. slang), take to your heels, run away or off They broke free and made off in a stolen car.
make out
1. fare, manage, do, succeed, cope, get on, proceed, thrive, prosper He wondered how they were making out.
2. make love, have sex, fuck (taboo slang), shag (taboo slang), do it (Brit. informal), neck (informal), pet, screw (taboo slang), caress, hump (taboo slang), kiss and cuddle, smooch (informal), bonk (Brit. informal), copulate (formal), canoodle (informal), fornicate (archaic) pictures of the couple making out on the beach
make something out
1. see, observe, distinguish, perceive, recognize, detect, glimpse, pick out, discern, catch sight of, espy, descry I could just make out a tall pale figure.
2. understand, see, work out, grasp, perceive, follow, realize, comprehend, fathom, decipher, suss (out) (slang), get the drift of It's hard to make out what criteria are used.
3. write out, complete, draft, draw up, inscribe, fill in or out I'll make out a receipt for you.
4. pretend, claim, suggest, maintain, declare, allege, hint, imply, intimate, assert, insinuate, let on, make as if They were trying to make out that I'd done it.
5. prove, show, describe, represent, demonstrate, justify You could certainly make out a case for this point of view.
make something up invent, create, construct, compose, write, frame, manufacture, coin, devise, hatch, originate, formulate, dream up, fabricate, concoct, cook up (informal), trump up She made up stories about him.
1. complete, meet, supply, fill, round off Some of the money they receive is in grants; loans make up the rest.
make up settle your differences, shake hands, make peace, bury the hatchet, call it quits, forgive and forget, mend fences, become reconciled, declare a truce, be friends again She came back and they made up.
make up for something
1. compensate for, redress, make amends for, atone for, balance out, offset, expiate, requite, make reparation for, make recompense for The compensation is intended to make up for stress caused.
2. offset, balance out, compensate for, redeem, cancel out, neutralize, counterbalance, counterweigh His skill makes up for his lack of speed
make up something form, account for, constitute, compose, comprise Women officers make up 13 per cent of the police force.
make up to someone (Informal) flirt with, be all over, come on to, chase after, court, pursue, woo, run after, chat up (informal), curry favour with, make overtures to, make eyes at She watched as her best friend made up to the man she herself loved.
make up your mind decide, choose, determine, settle on, resolve, make a decision about, come to a decision about, reach a decision about He had already made up his mind which side he was on.
"God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another" [William Shakespeare Hamlet]
"Most women are not so young as they are painted" [Max Beerbohm]
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1. To cause to come into existence:
3. To create by forming, combining, or altering materials:
4. To cause to be in a certain state or to undergo a particular experience or action:
5. To select for an office or position:
6. To cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance:
7. To cause to be ready, as for use, consumption, or a special purpose:
8. To put in force or cause to be by legal authority:
9. To journey over (a specified distance):
Informal: do.
10. To proceed in a specified direction:
11. To receive, as wages, for one's labor:
Informal: pull down.
Idioms: earn a living, earn one's keep.
12. To be the constituent parts of.Also used with up:
phrasal verb
make out
1. To perceive and fix the identity of, especially with difficulty:
2. To perceive and recognize the meaning of:
Informal: savvy.
Slang: dig.
Chiefly British: twig.
Scots: ken.
3. Informal. To progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances:
Idioms: make do, make shift.
4. Slang. To engage in kissing, caressing, and other amorous behavior:
Informal: fool around, neck, pet, spoon.
phrasal verb
make over
To change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document:
phrasal verb
make up
1. To use ingenuity in making, developing, or achieving:
Informal: cook up.
Idiom: come up with.
2. To compose or recite without preparation:
Idiom: wing it.
3. To act as an equalizing weight or force to:
4. To reestablish friendship between:
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طِراز، مارْكَهمَاركَةٌيُجْبِر، يُسَبِّب، يَجْعَليَجْعَليَجْعَلُ
áætlageragera aîgera, búa tilgera, vera
만들다시키다제품(…을) 하다
baigti nesutarimusdarymasdarytojasdažytisdirbėjas
göramärkefå någon att
ทำทำ สร้างผู้ผลิตสั่งให้ทำ
yapmakyaptırmakatamakbulunmak-e eşit olmak
chế tạokhiến ai đónhãn hiệutạo ra


[meɪk] (made (pt, pp))
When make is part of a set combination, eg make an attempt, make a bow, make a case, make sure, look up the other word.
1. (= create, prepare) [+ fire, bed, tea, will, remark, plan, suggestion] → hacer; [+ dress] → hacer, confeccionar; [+ shelter] → construir; [+ meal] → hacer, preparar; [+ record] → grabar; [+ film] → rodar; (= manufacture) [+ tool, machine] → fabricar, hacer
I'm going to make a cakevoy a hacer un pastel
I make my bed every morningme hago la cama cada mañana
he made it himselflo hizo él mismo
God made manDios hizo al hombre
don't make a noiseno hagas ruido
"made in Spain" [+ tool, machine] → "fabricado en España"; [+ dress] → "confeccionado en España"; [+ nougat, chocolate] → "elaborado en España"
he's as cunning as they make 'emes de lo más astuto que hay
this car isn't made to carry eight peopleeste coche no está pensado para ocho personas
they don't make songs like that any moreya no componen canciones como las de antes
they were made for each otherestaban hechos el uno para el otro
her shoes weren't made for walkingllevaba unos zapatos poco adecuados para caminar
we had the curtains made to measurenos hicieron las cortinas a medida
it's made of goldes de oro, está hecho de oro
see also show B4
2. (= carry out) [+ journey, effort] → hacer; [+ speech] → pronunciar; [+ payment] → efectuar; [+ error] → cometer
I'd like to make a phone callquisiera hacer una llamada
he made an agreement to pay off the arrearsse comprometió a pagar los atrasos
3. (= earn) → ganar
how much do you make?¿cuánto ganas?
he makes £350 a weekgana 350 libras a la semana
the deal made him £500ganó 500 libras con el negocio, el negocio le reportó 500 libras
the film made millionsla película recaudó millones
4. (= reach, achieve) [+ place] → llegar a
will we make Paris before lunch?¿llegaremos a París antes de la hora de comer?
Lara made a hundred (Cricket) → Lara hizo or se anotó 100 carreras
the novel made the bestseller listla novela entró en las listas de libros más vendidos
we made it just in timellegamos justo a tiempo
can you make it by 10?¿puedes llegar a las 10?
sorry, I can't make itlo siento, no puedo or no me va bien
do you think he'll make (it to) university?¿crees que conseguirá ir a la universidad?
he made (it into) the first teamconsiguió entrar en el primer equipo
you've got the talent to make itcon tu talento llegarás muy lejos
to make it with sb > (sexually) → hacérselo con algn
to make land (Naut) → llegar a tierra
to make port (Naut) → tomar puerto
he's got it madetiene el éxito asegurado
5. (= say, agree) let's make it 9 o'clockpongamos las 9
another beer, please, no, make that twootra cerveza por favor, no, que sean dos
6. (= cause to succeed) this film made heresta película la consagró
he was made for lifese aseguró un porvenir brillante
to make or break sth/sb this deal will make or break himcon este negocio o fracasa o se asegura el éxito
sex can make or break a relationshipel sexo es determinante en una relación, el sexo puede afianzar una relación o hacer que fracase
7. (= constitute) this log makes a good seateste tronco va muy bien de asiento
he'll make somebody a good husbandva a ser or hará un buen marido para algn
it'll make a (nice) change not to have to cook every daylo de no tener que cocinar cada día estará muy bien, ¡qué descanso, no tener que cocinar cada día!
they make a lovely couplehacen muy buena pareja
he'll make a good footballerserá buen futbolista
it makes pleasant readinges una lectura amena
it still doesn't make a settodavía no completa un juego entero
it made a nice surprisefue una sorpresa agradable
8. (= equal) two and two make fourdos y dos son cuatro
this one makes 20con éste son or hacen 20
how much does that make (altogether)?¿a cuánto sube (en total)?
8 pints make a gallon8 pintas hacen or son un galón
9. (= calculate) → calcular
what do you make the total?¿cuánto calculas que es el total?
how many do you make it?¿cuántos calculas que hay?
I make the total 17calculo que hay 17 en total
what time do you make it; what do you make the time?¿qué hora tienes?
I make it 6 o'clockyo tengo las 6
10. (Cards) [+ trick] → ganar, hacer (Bridge) [+ contract] → cumplir
11. (in set structures)
to make sb sth (= cause to be) to make sb kinghacer rey a algn
he made her his wifela hizo su esposa
they've made Owen secretaryhan nombrado secretario a Owen
he made her a starhizo de ella una estrella
to make sb/sth + ADJECTIVE/PAST PARTICIPLE to make sb happyhacer feliz a algn
to make sb angryponer furioso a algn
to make o.s. heardhacerse oír
the noise made concentration difficult or made it difficult to concentratecon ese ruido era difícil concentrarse
why make things difficult for yourself?¿por qué te complicas la vida?
see also ill A1
see also sick A2
see also unhappy 1
to make sth/sb into sthconvertir algo/a algn en algo
we made the guest room into a studyconvertimos la habitación de los invitados en estudio
they have made him into a cult figurelo han convertido en un ídolo
the fibres are made into ropecon las fibras se hace cuerda
to make sb do sth (= cause to do sth) → hacer a algn hacer algo; (= force to do sth) → hacer a algn hacer algo, obligar a algn a hacer algo
to make sb laugh/cryhacer reír/llorar a algn
now look what you've made me do!¡mira lo que me has hecho hacer!
what made you say that?¿cómo se te ocurrió decir eso?, ¿por qué dijiste eso?
what makes you do it?¿qué es lo que te lleva a hacerlo?
it makes you think, doesn't it?da que pensar ¿no?
he made me apologize to the teacherme hizo pedir perdón or me obligó a pedir perdón al profesor
you can't make me (do it)no puedes obligarme (a hacerlo)
I was made to wait for an hourme hicieron esperar una hora
to make o.s. do sthobligarse a hacer algo
I have to make myself (do it)tengo que obligarme (a hacerlo), tengo que hacer un esfuerzo (por hacerlo)
she made herself look him in the eyetuvo que obligarse a mirarle a los ojos
to make sth do, make do with stharreglárselas or apañárselas con algo
I'll make do with what I've gotme las arreglaré con lo que tengo
12. (in set expressions)
to make good [+ promise] → cumplir; [+ accusation] → hacer bueno, probar; [+ claim] → justificar; [+ loss] → compensar; [+ damage] → reparar; (= pay) → pagar
see also make B
to make sth of sth (= understand) I don't know what to make of itno sé qué pensar
what do you make of Anna?¿qué piensas de Anna?, ¿qué te parece Anna?
what do you make of this?¿qué te parece esto?
I can't make anything of this letterno entiendo nada de lo que pone esta carta, no saco nada en claro de esta carta; (= give importance to) I think you're making rather too much of what I saidcreo que le estás dando demasiada importancia a lo que dije
see also issue A1
B. INTRANSITIVE VERB (in set expressions)
to make after sbperseguir a algn, correr tras algn
he made as if to + INFINhizo como si + subjun, hizo ademán de + infin
he made as if to strike mehizo como si me fuera a pegar, hizo ademán de pegarme
to make good [ex-criminal] → rehabilitar, reformar
he was making like he didn't have any money (US) → hacía como si no tuviera dinero
it's make or break time for the England teamal equipo inglés le ha llegado la hora de la verdad
C. NOUN (= brand) → marca f
what make of car was it?¿qué marca de coche era?
they are our own makeson de nuestra propia marca
they have rifles of Belgian maketienen fusiles de fabricación belga
to be on the make (for money) → estar intentando sacar tajada; (for power) → ser muy ambicioso; (for sex) → ir a la caza, ir de ligoteo
make away VI + ADV = make off
make away with VI + PREP (= murder) to make away with sbeliminar a algn
to make away with o.s (euph, o.f.) → quitarse la vida, suicidarse
make for VI + PREP
1. (= go towards) [+ place] → dirigirse hacia or a
he made for the doorse dirigió hacia la puerta
police think he may be making for Swedenla policía cree que puede estar de camino a Suecia
2. (= attack) to make for sbatacar a algn, abalanzarse sobre algn
3. (= contribute to) → contribuir a; (= lead to) → conducir a
it makes for an easy lifecontribuye a hacer la vida más fácil
it doesn't make for good customer relationsno conduce a una buena relación con los clientes
make off VI + ADVirse rápidamente, largarse
to make off with sthllevarse algo, escaparse con algo, largarse con algo
make out
1. (= write out) [+ cheque] → hacer, extender; [+ receipt, list] → hacer; [+ document] → redactar; (= fill in) [+ form] → llenar
to make a cheque out to somebodyhacer or extender un cheque a favor de algn
the cheque should be made out to Pérezel cheque debe extenderse a nombre de Pérez
2. (= see, discern) [+ distant object] → distinguir, divisar
3. (= decipher) [+ writing] → descifrar
4. (= understand) → entender, comprender
I can't make her out at allno la entiendo or comprendo en absoluto
can you make out what they're saying?¿entiendes lo que dicen?
I can't make it out at allno consigo entenderlo
5. (= claim, imply) you make him out to be better than he islo haces parecer mejor de lo que es en realidad
he's not as rich as people make outno es tan rico como dice la gente
the situation is not so bad as you make it out to bela situación no es tan grave como la pintas
the play makes him out to be a foolen la obra aparece como una idiota
to make out thatdar a entender que
they're making out it was my faultestán dando a entender que fue culpa mía
all the time he made out he was workingestuvo todo el tiempo haciéndonos creer que estaba trabajando
she made out it was a wrong numberhizo como que se había equivocado de número
B. VI + ADV (= get on) (with person) → llevarse
how do you make out with your neighbours?¿cómo te llevas con tus vecinos?
how did you make out at the audition?¿qué tal te fue en la audición?
how are you making out on your pension?¿cómo te las arreglas con la pensión?
to make out with sb (US) (sexually) → hacérselo con algn
make over VT + ADV
1. (= assign) → ceder, traspasar (to a) he had made over the farm to his sonle había cedido or traspasado la granja a su hijo
2. (= revamp) [+ organization] → modernizar, poner al día
to make o.s. overcambiar de imagen
make up
1. (= invent) → inventar(se)
he made up the whole story(se) inventó toda la historia
you're making it up!¡te lo estás inventando!
2. (= put together, prepare) [+ list] → hacer, preparar; [+ parcel, bed] → hacer; [+ medicine] → preparar; [+ collection] → formar, reunir; [+ sweater, dress] → montar y coser
I'll make up a bed for him on the sofale haré una cama en el sofá
the chemist's where I went to get the prescription made upla farmacia a la que fui para que me preparasen la medicina
I made the papers up into bundleshice paquetes con los periódicos
3. (= settle)
to make up one's differences (with sb)resolver sus diferencias (con algn)
to make it up with sbhacer las paces con algn, reconciliarse con algn
they'd made up their quarrelse habían reconciliado
4. (= complete) → completar
I paid £200 and my parents made up the differencepagué 200 libras y mis padres pusieron la diferencia
we need someone to make up the numbersnecesitamos a alguien para completar el grupo
5. (= decide)
to make up one's minddecidirse
6. (= compensate for, replace) [+ loss] → compensar; [+ deficit] → cubrir
if I take time off I have to make up the hours latersi me tomo tiempo libre después tengo que recuperar las horas
I'd like to make it up to him for spoiling his birthdayme gustaría compensarle por haberle estropeado el cumpleaños
he tried to make it up to her by buying her a bunch of flowersintentó hacerse perdonar comprándole un ramo de flores
to make up (lost) timerecuperar el tiempo perdido
7. (= constitute) → componer
women make up 13% of the police forcelas mujeres componen el 13% del cuerpo de policía
it is made up of 6 partslo componen 6 partes, está compuesto de 6 partes
the group was made up of parents, teachers and doctorsel grupo lo componían or integraban padres, profesores y médicos
the blood is made up of red and white cellsla sangre se compone de glóbulos rojos y glóbulos blancos
8. (with cosmetics) [+ actor] → maquillar
to make o.s. upmaquillarse, pintarse
9. [+ fire] (with coal) → echar carbón a; (with wood) → echar madera or leña a
1. (after quarrelling) → hacer las paces, reconciliarse
2. (= apply cosmetics) → maquillarse, pintarse
make up for VI + PREP (= compensate for) → compensar
her willingness to learn more than made up for her lack of experiencesus ganas de aprender compensaban con creces su falta de experiencia
we hope this makes up for the inconvenience causedesperamos que esto compense los inconvenientes que podamos haberles causado
to make up for lost timerecuperar el tiempo perdido
make up on VI + PREPalcanzar, coger
make up to VI + PREP to make up to sb(procurar) congraciarse con algn, (procurar) ganarse el favor de algn
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vt [made] (pt, pp)
I'm going to make a cake → Je vais faire un gâteau.
He made it himself → Il l'a fait lui-même.
She'll make a good teacher → Elle fera un bon professeur.
What makes a good doctor? → Qu'est-ce qui fait un bon médecin?
to make one's bed → faire son lit
I make my bed every morning → Je fais mon lit tous les matins.
to be made of sth → être en qch
it's made of glass → c'est en verre
a cross made of silver → une croix en argent
[+ meal] → préparer
She's making lunch → Elle prépare le déjeuner.
(= manufacture) → faire, fabriquer
"made in France" → "fabriqué en France"
[+ money] → gagner
He makes a lot of money → Il gagne beaucoup d'argent.
to make a profit → faire des bénéfices
to make a loss → subir une perte
(= cause to become) to make sb sad → rendre qn triste
to make sb angry → mettre qn en colère
to make sb famous → rendre qn célèbre
to make sth into sth (= convert) → transformer qch en qch
an old factory that was made into an art gallery → une ancienne usine qui a été transformée en galerie d'art
(= force) to make sb do sth → obliger qn à faire qch, faire faire qch à qn
My mother makes me do my homework → Ma mère me fait faire mes devoirs.
to make o.s. do sth → se forcer à faire qch
(= equal) → faire
2 and 2 make 4 → Deux et deux font quatre.
(time) what time do you make it? → quelle heure avez-vous?
I make it two minutes past three → j'ai trois heures deux
(= arrive) to make it → y arriver
We made it with a minute or two to spare → On y est arrivé avec une ou deux minutes d'avance.
So you did make it to America, after all? → Alors, tu y es arrivé aux Etats-Unis, finalement?
(= succeed) to make it → réussir
to make it as sth → réussir comme qch
He failed to make it as a pilot → Il n'a pas réussi comme pilote.
to make something of o.s. (= achieve success) → faire quelque chose de sa vie
to make something of one's life (= achieve success) → faire quelque chose de sa vie
to make sth (= ensure the success of) → faire le succès de qch
What really makes the book are the illustrations → Ce sont les illustrations qui font le succès de ce livre.
to make sb's day
Meeting you has really made my day! → Ça m'a fait un plaisir fou de vous rencontrer!
make or break → faire ou défaire
to make do with sth (= be content with) → se contenter de qch (= get by with) → se débrouiller avec qch
(= brand) → marque f
to be on the make [person] (= trying to make money) → chercher à se remplir les poches
make for
vt fus [+ place] → se diriger vers
make of
vt sep
to make sth of sth (= think of)
She wasn't sure what to make of his apology → Elle ne savait pas quoi penser de ses excuses., Elle ne savait pas que penser de ses excuses.
What did you make of it? → Qu'est-ce que tu en as pensé?
make off
vi (= leave) → filer
make out
vt sep
(= write out) [+ cheque, bill] → libeller, faire
to make a cheque out to sb → libeller un chèque à l'ordre de qn
(= understand) → comprendre
I can't make her out at all → Je n'arrive pas du tout à la comprendre.
(= decipher) [+ writing] → déchiffrer
I can't make out the address on the label → Je n'arrive pas à déchiffrer l'adresse sur l'étiquette.
(= see) → distinguer
(= claim) to make out (that) ... → prétendre que ..., vouloir faire croire que ...
They're making out it was my fault → Ils prétendent que c'était ma faute., Ils veulent faire croire que c'était ma faute.
It's not as hard as people make out → Ce n'est pas aussi dur qu'on ne le prétend., Ce n'est pas aussi dur qu'on ne veut le faire croire.
(= pretend) to make out (that) ... → prétendre que ...
He made out he was looking for something → Il a prétendu qu'il cherchait quelque chose.
(= put forward) to make out a case for sth → présenter des arguments en faveur de qch
make over
vt sep (= assign) to make sth over to sb → céder qch à qn
make up
vt fus (= constitute) → représenter
to be made up of → se composer de
vt sep
(= invent) → inventer
He made up the whole story → Il a inventé cette histoire de toutes pièces.
(with cosmetics) [+ client, actor] → maquiller
to make o.s. up → se maquiller
She spends hours making herself up → Elle passe des heures à se maquiller.
[+ bed] to make up a bed → préparer un lit
to make up the bed → faire le lit
[+ parcel] → faire
vise réconcilier
They had a quarrel, but soon made up → Ils se sont disputés, mais se sont vite réconciliés.
to make up with sb → se réconcilier avec qn
(with cosmetics)se maquiller, se farder
make up for
vt fus (= provide compensation for) [+ stress, loss] → compenser
What the country lacks in natural resources it makes up for in bright ideas
BUT Le pays compense son manque de ressources naturelles par des idées brillantes.
make up to
vt sep
to make it up to sb
I'll make it up to you, I promise → Je te revaudrai ça, je te promets.make-believe [ˈmeɪkbɪliːv]
(= fantasy) → illusion f
It's just make-believe → C'est une illusion.
a world of make-believe → un monde d'illusions
a life of make-believe → une vie de faux-semblants
[children] to play at make-believe → jouer à faire semblant
a make-believe world → un monde d'illusionsmake-or-break make or break [ˌmeɪkərˈbreɪk] adj [issue, game, meeting] → décisif/ive
it's make or break time (= the decisive moment) → c'est le moment décisif
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vb: pret, ptp <made>
= produce, preparemachen; breadbacken; carsherstellen; dressnähen; coffeekochen; peacestiften; she made it into a suitsie machte einen Anzug daraus; God made the worldGott erschuf die Welt; he’s as clever as they make ’em (inf)der ist ein ganz gerissener Hund (inf)
? made in/of/for/to made in Germanyin Deutschland hergestellt, made in Germany; it’s made of goldes ist aus Gold; to show what one is made ofzeigen, was in einem steckt; the job is made for himdie Arbeit ist wie für ihn geschaffen; I’m not made for runningich bin nicht zum Laufen or zum Läufer geschaffen; they’re made for each othersie sind wie geschaffen füreinander; this car wasn’t made to carry eight peopledieses Auto ist nicht dazu gedacht, acht Leute zu transportieren
= do, execute bow, journey, mistake, attempt, plan, remarks, suggestions etcmachen; speechhalten; choice, arrangementstreffen; decisionfällen, treffen; to make an applicationsich bewerben; to make a guessraten; to make somebody a present of somethingjdm etw schenken, jdm etw zum Geschenk machen (geh)
= cause to be or becomemachen
? to make sb/sth + ADJ to make somebody happy/angry etcjdn glücklich/wütend etc machen; does that make you happy?bist du jetzt endlich zufrieden?; I’ll make it easy for youich mache es dir leicht or es leicht für dich; to make one’s voice heardmit seiner Stimme durchdringen; he makes Macbeth very eviler lässt Macbeth sehr böse erscheinen
? to make sb/sth + NOUN to make somebody one’s wifejdn zu seiner Frau machen; he was made a judgeman ernannte ihn zum Richter; to make a success of something, to make something a successetw erfolgreich erledigen; Shearer made it 1-0Shearer erzielte das 1:0; they’ll never make a soldier of him or out of himaus ihm wird nie ein Soldat
? to make a day/night of it we decided to make a day/night of itwir beschlossen, den ganzen Tag dafür zu nehmen/(die Nacht) durchzumachen
? to make something of oneself/one’s lifeetwas aus sich/seinem Leben machen
? to make something of it (inf) do you want to make something of it?hast du was dagegen? (inf), → störts dich etwa? (inf)
= cause to do or happenlassen, (dazu) bringen; (= compel to do)zwingen
? to make sb do sth (= cause to do)jdn dazu bringen or veranlassen (geh), → etw zu tun; (= compel to do)jdn zwingen, etw zu tun; to make somebody laughjdn zum Lachen bringen; what made you come to this town?was hat Sie dazu veranlasst, in diese Stadt zu kommen?; what makes you say that?warum sagst du das?; what makes you think you can do it?was macht Sie glauben, dass Sie es schaffen können?; it all makes me think that …das alles lässt mich denken, dass …; how can I make you understand?wie kann ich es Ihnen verständlich machen?; that certainly made him think againdas hat ihm bestimmt zu denken gegeben; what will make you change your mind?was wird Sie dazu bringen, Ihre Meinung zu ändern?; what finally made me drop the idea was …was mich am Ende dazu veranlasst hat, den Gedanken fallen zu lassen, war …; he makes his heroine dieer lässt seine Heldin sterben; her conduct made him seem polite by comparisonim Vergleich zu ihrem Verhalten machte er einen höflichen Eindruck; I’ll make him suffer for thisdafür soll er mir büßen!; you can’t make me!mich kann keiner zwingen!; make me! (challenging) → versuch mal, mich zu zwingen!; I’ll make him!den zwing ich!
? to make sth do sth what makes the engine go?was treibt den Motor an?, wie wird der Motor angetrieben?; what made it explode?was hat die Explosion bewirkt?; onions make your eyes watervon Zwiebeln tränen einem die Augen; it makes the room look smalleres lässt den Raum kleiner wirken; the chemical makes the plant grow fasterdie Chemikalie bewirkt, dass die Pflanze schneller wächst; that made the cloth shrinkdadurch ging der Stoff ein; that will make the pain godas wird den Schmerz vertreiben; I wish I could make the rain stopwenn ich nur machen (inf)or bewirken könnte, dass der Regen aufhört; if I could make your problems disappearwenn ich (nur) Ihre Probleme beseitigen könnte; you can’t make things happenman kann den Lauf der Dinge nicht erzwingen
? to make do to make do with somethingsich mit etw begnügen; to make do with less money/on a small incomemit weniger Geld/einem niedrigen Gehalt auskommen
= earn moneyverdienen; profit, loss, fortunemachen (on bei); reputationsich (dat)verschaffen; to make a name for oneselfsich (dat)einen Namen machen; how much do you stand to make?wie viel verdienst du (dabei)?, was bringt dir das ein? (inf)
= reach, achieveschaffen, erreichen; train, plane etcerwischen (inf), → schaffen; connectionschaffen; summit, top, shore etces schaffen zu; (ship) 20 knotsmachen; to make land (Naut) → anlegen; to make port (Naut) → in den Hafen einlaufen; we made good timewir kamen schnell voran; sorry I couldn’t make your party last nighttut mir leid, ich habe es gestern Abend einfach nicht zu deiner Party geschafft; his first record didn’t make the chartsseine erste Platte schaffte es nicht bis in die Hitparade; we’ll never make the airport in timewir kommen garantiert nicht rechtzeitig zum Flughafen; he made colonel in one yearer brachte es in einem Jahr zum Obersten; he made university/the first teamer schaffte es, an die Universität/in die erste Mannschaft zu kommen; the story made the front pagedie Geschichte kam auf die Titelseite
? to make it (= succeed)es schaffen, es zu etwas bringen; he just made iter hat es gerade noch geschafft; we’ve made it!wir haben es geschafft!; he’ll never make it through the winter (= survive)er wird den Winter nie überstehen
? to make it (with sb) (inf: = have sex) → mit jdm schlafen; they were making it all nightsie liebten sich die ganze Nacht
? to make good to make good as a writeres als Schriftsteller(in) schaffen or zu etwas bringen; he is a poor boy made gooder ist ein armer Junge, der es zu etwas gebracht hat
= cause to succeedberühmt machen, zum Erfolg verhelfen (+dat); this film made hermit diesem Film schaffte sie es or schaffte sie den Durchbruch; his performance makes the playdas Stück lebt von seiner schauspielerischen Leistung; you’ll be made for lifeSie werden ausgesorgt haben; he’s got it made (inf)er hat ausgesorgt; he’s a made maner ist ein gemachter Mann; but what really made the evening was …die eigentliche Krönung des Abends war …
? to make sb’s day that makes my day!das freut mich unheimlich!; (iro)das hat mir gerade noch gefehlt!; seeing the Queen made her daysie war selig, als sie die Königin gesehen hatte; you’ve made my dayich könnte dir um den Hals fallen! (inf)
? to make or break sth/sb the weather will make or break the paradeder Festzug steht und fällt mit dem Wetter; he can make or break youer hat dein Schicksal in der Hand
= be, constitutesein, machen, (ab)geben; he made a good fatherer gab einen guten Vater ab; he’ll never make a soldier/an actoraus dem wird nie ein Soldat/Schauspieler; you’d make someone a good wifeSie würden eine gute Ehefrau abgeben; she made him a good wifesie war ihm eine gute Frau; he’d make a fantastic Hamlet/a good teacherer wäre ein fantastischer or phantastischer Hamlet/ein guter Lehrer, er gäbe einen fantastischen or phantastischen Hamlet/einen guten Lehrer ab; they make a good/an odd couplesie sind ein gutes/ungleiches Paar; it makes good television/publicityes ist sehr fernsehwirksam/werbewirksam; it made a very strange sightes war ein sehr merkwürdiger Anblick; to make a fourth at bridgeden vierten Mann beim Bridge machen
= equalsein, (er)geben; 2 plus 2 makes 42 und 2 ist 4; 1760 yards make 1 mile1760 Yards sind eine Meile; that makes £55 you owe meSie schulden mir damit (nun) £ 55; how much does that make altogether?was macht das insgesamt?
= reckon distance, totalschätzen auf (+acc); I make the total 107ich komme auf 107
? to make it + time, date, figure what time do you make it?wie spät hast du es?, wie spät ist es bei dir?; I make it 3.15ich habe 3.15 Uhr, auf meiner Uhr ist es 3.15 Uhr; I make it 3 milesich schätze 3 Meilen; how many do you make it?wie viele sind es nach deiner Zählung?; shall we make it 7 o’clock? (= agree)sagen wir 7 Uhr?; let’s make it Mondaysagen wir Montag
Cards (= fulfil contract) → erfüllen; (= win) trickmachen; (= shuffle) packmischen ? bid
Elec circuitschließen; contactherstellen
Naut (= signal)senden, funken; make (the following message) to HMS Victormachen Sie die folgende Meldung an HMS Victor
US (= recognize)erkennen
= go to make toward(s) a placeauf einen Ort zuhalten; (ship)Kurs auf einen Ort nehmen; to make after somebodyjdm nachsetzen ? make for
= profit to make on a dealbei einem Geschäft verdienen
= act
? to make as if to do sthAnstalten machen, etw zu tun; (as deception) → so tun, als wolle man etw tun
? to make to… (= try) I made to speakich setzte zur Rede an
? to make like… (inf)so tun, als ob…; he made like he was dyinger tat so, als ob er am Sterben wäre, er markierte (inf)or spielte den Sterbenden; he’s started making like a big-shoter hat angefangen, den starken Mann zu spielen or zu markieren (inf)
? to make oneself + ADJ or NOUN (= cause oneself to be) to make oneself usefulsich nützlich machen; to make oneself comfortablees sich (dat)bequem machen; make yourself smallmach dich klein; to make oneself conspicuousauffallen; you’ll make yourself ill!du machst dich damit krank!; to make oneself heardsich (dat)Gehör verschaffen; to make oneself understoodsich verständlich machen; he made himself Emperor for lifeer krönte or machte sich selbst zum Kaiser auf Lebenszeit
? to make oneself sth (= to make sth for oneself)sich (dat)etw machen; he made himself a cup of tea/a sandwicher machte sich (dat)eine Tasse Tee/ein Butterbrot; she made herself a lot of money on the dealsie hat bei dem Geschäft eine Menge Geld verdient
? to make oneself do sth (= force oneself)sich dazu zwingen, etw zu tun; I made myself apologize to himich zwang mich dazu, mich bei ihm zu entschuldigen; he’s just made himself look ridiculouser hat sich nur lächerlich gemacht
= brandMarke f, → Fabrikat nt; what make of car do you have?welche (Auto)marke fahren Sie?; it’s a good makedas ist eine gute Marke; these are my own makedie sind selbst gemacht, die sind Eigenfabrikat (hum)

? on the make (pej inf, for profit) → profitgierig (inf), → auf Profit aus; (= ambitious)karrieresüchtig (inf), → auf Karriere aus; (sexually) → sexhungrig (inf), → auf sexuelle Abenteuer aus
? make away vi = make off
? make away with vi +prep obj to make away with somebodyjdn beseitigen or umbringen; to make away with oneselfsich umbringen
? make for vi +prep obj
(= head for)zuhalten auf (+acc); (crowd)zuströmen (+dat, → auf +acc); (= attack)losgehen auf (+acc); (vehicle)losfahren auf (+acc); where are you making for?wo willst du hin?; we are making for Londonwir wollen nach London; (by vehicle) → wir fahren or wollen Richtung London; (by ship) → wir halten Kurs auf London
(= promote)führen zu; happy marriage, successful partiesden Grund legen für; such tactics don’t make for good industrial relationssolche Praktiken wirken sich nicht gerade günstig auf das Arbeitsklima aus; the trade figures make for optimismdie Handelsziffern geben Anlass zum Optimismus

? make of vi +prep objhalten von; I didn’t make much of itich konnte nicht viel dabei finden; well, what do you make of that?nun, was halten Sie davon?, was sagen Sie dazu?; don’t make too much of itüberbewerten Sie es nicht
? make off visich davonmachen (with sth mit etw)
? make out vt sep
(= write out) cheque, receiptausstellen (→ to auf +acc); list, billaufstellen, zusammenstellen; (= fill out) formausfüllen; to make out a case for somethingfür etw argumentieren
(= see, discern)ausmachen; (= decipher)entziffern; (= understand)verstehen; person, actionsschlau werden aus; I can’t make out what he wantsich komme nicht dahinter, was er will; how do you make that out?wie kommst du darauf?
(= claim)behaupten
(= imply) to make out that …es so hinstellen, als ob …; he made out that he was hurter tat, als sei er verletzt; to make somebody out to be clever/a geniusjdn als klug/Genie hinstellen; she’s not as rich as he makes outsie ist nicht so reich, wie er es hinstellt; he tried to make out it was my faulter versuchte, es so hinzustellen, als wäre ich daran schuld; Jesus is made out to be a CommunistJesus wird zum Kommunisten gemacht
(inf) (= get on)zurechtkommen; (with people) → auskommen; (= succeed)es schaffen; he didn’t make out with herer ist bei ihr nicht gelandet (inf)
(US inf: = pet) → knutschen (inf), → fummeln (inf)

? make over vt sep
(= assign)überschreiben (to sb jdm); (= bequeath) property, moneyvermachen (to sb jdm)
(= convert)umändern, umarbeiten; houseumbauen; the gardens have been made over into a parking lotman hat die Anlagen in einen Parkplatz umgewandelt

? make up vt sep
(= constitute)bilden; to be made up ofbestehen aus, sich zusammensetzen aus
(= put together) food, medicine, bedzurechtmachen; parcelpacken; list, accountszusammenstellen, aufstellen; teamzusammenstellen; (Typ) pageumbrechen; (= design) layoutaufmachen; to make material up into somethingMaterial zu etw verarbeiten; they made the daffodils up into bunchessie banden die Osterglocken zu Sträußen
quarrelbeilegen, begraben; to make it up (with somebody)sich (mit jdm) wieder vertragen, sich (mit jdm) aussöhnen; come on, let’s make it upkomm, wir wollen uns wieder vertragen
face, eyesschminken; to make somebody/oneself upjdn/sich schminken; the way she’s made upwie sie geschminkt ist
to make up one’s mind (to do something)sich (dazu) entschließen(, etw zu tun); make up your mind!entschließ dich!; my mind is quite made upmein Entschluss steht fest; once his mind is made up, that’s itwenn er einmal einen Entschluss gefasst hat, bleibt es dabei; I can’t make up your mind for youich kann das nicht für dich entscheiden; to make up one’s mind about somebody/somethingsich (dat)eine Meinung über jdn/etw bilden; I can’t make up my mind about himich weiß nicht, was ich von ihm halten soll
(= invent)erfinden, sich (dat)ausdenken; you’re making that up!jetzt schwindelst du aber! (inf); he makes it up as he goes along (storyteller) → er macht das aus dem Stegreif; (child playing) → er macht das, wie es ihm gerade einfällt; (making excuses, telling lies) → er saugt sich (dat)das nur so aus den Fingern; it was all made updas war alles nur erfunden
(= complete) crewvollständig or komplett (inf)machen; I’ll make up the other £20ich komme für die restlichen £ 20 auf; he made the gift up to £50er rundete das Geschenk auf £ 50 auf; add water to make it up to one pintmit Wasser auf 0,57 Liter auffüllen; he made up the four at bridgeer war der vierte Mann zum or beim Bridge
(= compensate for) lossausgleichen; timeeinholen, aufholen; sleepnachholen; to make it up to somebody (for something) (= compensate)jdn (für etw) entschädigen; (emotionally, return favour etc) → jdm etw wiedergutmachen
fire(wieder) anschüren or anfachen
(after quarrelling) → sich versöhnen, sich wieder vertragen; let’s kiss and make upkomm, gib mir einen Kuss und wir vertragen uns wieder
(material) this material will make up into a nice coatdieser Stoff wird sich als Mantel gut machen
(= catch up)aufholen; to make up on somebodyjdn einholen, an jdn herankommen; you’ve a lot of making up to dodu hast viel nachzuholen or aufzuarbeiten

? make up for vi +prep obj to make up for somethingetw ausgleichen; to make up for lost timeverlorene Zeit aufholen; to make up for the loss of somebody/lack of somethingjdn/etw ersetzen; that still doesn’t make up for the fact that you were very rudedas macht noch lange nicht ungeschehen, dass du sehr unhöflich warst
? make up to vi +prep obj (inf)sich heranmachen an (+acc)
? make with vi +prep obj (US inf) he started making with his trumpeter legte mit seiner Trompete los (inf); OK, let’s make with the paint brushesna dann, schnappen wir uns die Pinsel (inf); just make with the scissorsmach schon los mit der Schere (inf)
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[meɪk] (made (pt, pp))
1. vt
a. (gen) → fare (Comm) → produrre, fabbricare; (building) → costruire; (points, score) → fare, segnare
God made the world → Dio creò il mondo
she made the material into a dress → con la stoffa ha fatto un vestito
made of silver → (fatto/a) d'argento
made in Italy → fabbricato/a in Italia (on label) → made in Italy
to show what one is made of → far vedere di che tempra or che stoffa si è fatti
they were made for each other → erano fatti l'uno per l'altra
b. (cause to be or become) → fare; (+ adj) → rendere
to make sb happy/sad → rendere or far felice/triste qn
to make sb angry → far arrabbiare qn
to make sth difficult → render difficile qc
to make sth into sth else → fare di qc qualcos'altro
to make sb a judge → nominare qn giudice
let's make it 6 o'clock → facciamo alle 6
to make o.s. heard → farsi sentire
make yourself comfortable → si accomodi
you'll make yourself ill! → starai male!
c. (cause to do) → fare; (stronger) → costringere
to make sb do sth → far fare qc a qn, costringere qn a fare qc
to make sb wait → far aspettare qn
to make o.s. do sth → sforzarsi a fare qc
if you don't want to I can't make you → se non vuoi non posso costringerti
this made him leave → questo lo ha fatto partire, questo ha fatto sì che partisse
what made you say that? → perché hai detto questo?
what makes you think that? → cosa te lo fa pensare?
to make sth do, to make do with sth → arrangiarsi con qc
d. (earn) → guadagnare
to make money → far soldi
to make a profit of £500 → ricavare un profitto di 500 sterline
to make a loss of £500 → subire una perdita di 500 sterline
he made a profit/loss → ci ha rimesso/guadagnato
he made £500 on the deal → l'affare gli ha fruttato 500 sterline
e. (reach, destination) → arrivare a; (catch, bus, train) → prendere
they made (it to) the finals → sono entrati in finale
to make it (in time) → arrivare (achieve sth) → farcela
can you make it for 4 o'clock? → ce la fai per le 4?
to make it in life → riuscire nella vita
to make good (succeed) → aver successo
to make port → raggiungere il porto
f. (cause to succeed) he's made for lifeil suo avvenire è assicurato, è a posto per sempre
this film made her → questo film l'ha resa celebre
that's made my day! → questo ha trasformato la mia giornata!
to make or break sb → essere il successo o la rovina di qn
g. (equal, constitute) → fare
2 and 2 make 4 → 2 più 2 fa 4
that makes 20 → questo fa 20
does that book make good reading? → è un libro interessante?
these records make a set → questi dischi formano un set
he made a good husband → è stato un buon marito
h. (estimate) how far do you make it to the village?quanto pensi che ci sia da qui al paese?
what time do you make it? - I make it 6 o'clock → che ora fai? - io faccio le 6
what do you make of this? → cosa pensi che voglia dire questo?
what do you make of him? → che te ne pare di lui?
2. vi
a. (go) to make towards the doordirigersi verso la porta
to make after sb → inseguire qn
b. to make as if to do sthfare (come) per fare qc
3. n
a. (action) → fabbricazione f; (brand) → marca
it's our own make → è di nostra produzione
b. to be on the make (fam) → essere a caccia di successo
make away vi + adv = make off
make away with vi + adv + prep (kill) → far fuori, togliere di mezzo
make for vi + prep
a. (place) → essere diretto/a a, avviarsi verso; (subj, ship) → far rotta verso
b. (fig) (result in) → produrre; (contribute to) → contribuire a
make off vi + advsvignarsela
to make off with sth → svignarsela con qc
make out
1. vt + adv
a. (write out, cheque, receipt, list) → fare; (document) → redigere; (form) → riempire, compilare
to make out a case for sth → presentare delle valide ragioni in favore di qc
b. (see, discern) → riuscire a vedere, distinguere; (decipher) → decifrare; (understand) → (riuscire a) capire
how do you make that out? → che cosa te lo fa pensare?
c. (claim, imply) to make out (that ...)voler far credere (che...), darla ad intendere (che...)
to make sb out to be stupid → far passare qn per stupido
2. vi + adv (fam) (get on) → cavarsela
make out with vi + adv + prep (fam) to make out with sbfarsi qn
did you make out with her, then? → sei poi riuscito a fartela?
make over vt + adv (assign) to make over (to)passare (a), trasferire (a)
make up
1. vt + adv
a. (invent, story) → inventare
b. (put together, prepare, list, parcel, bed) → fare; (food, medicine) → preparare
she made the books up into a parcel → ha impacchettato i libri
c. (settle, dispute) → mettere fine a
to make it up with sb → far la pace con qn
d. (complete, total, quantity) → completare
I need £5 to make up the sum we require → mi occorrono 5 sterline per raggiungere la somma stabilita
e. (compensate for, loss, deficit, lost time) → recuperare, compensare, colmare
to make it up to sb (for sth) → compensare qn (per qc)
f. (constitute) → comporre
to be made up of → essere composto/a di or formato/a da
g. (apply cosmetics to) → truccare
2. vi + adv
a. (after quarrelling) → fare la pace, riconciliarsi
b. (apply cosmetics) → truccarsi
c. (catch up) to make up on sbriprendere qn
make up for vi + adv + prep (lost time) → recuperare; (trouble caused) → farsi perdonare; (mistake) → rimediare a; (loss, injury) → compensare
make up to vi + adv + prep (fam) (curry favour with) → cercare di entrare nelle simpatie di or di accattivarsi il favore di, lisciare
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(meik) past tense, past participle made (meid) verb
1. to create, form or produce. God made the Earth; She makes all her own clothes; He made it out of paper; to make a muddle/mess of the job; to make lunch/coffee; We made an arrangement/agreement/deal/bargain.
2. to compel, force or cause (a person or thing to do something). They made her do it; He made me laugh.
3. to cause to be. I made it clear; You've made me very unhappy.
4. to gain or earn. He makes $100 a week; to make a profit.
5. (of numbers etc) to add up to; to amount to. 2 and 2 make(s) 4.
6. to become, turn into, or be. He'll make an excellent teacher.
7. to estimate as. I make the total 483.
8. to appoint, or choose, as. He was made manager.
9. used with many nouns to give a similar meaning to that of the verb from which the noun is formed. He made several attempts (= attempted several times); They made a left turn (= turned left); He made (= offered) a suggestion/proposal; Have you any comments to make?
a (usually manufacturer's) brand. What make is your new car?
ˈmaker noun
a person who makes. a tool-maker; a dressmaker.
ˈmaking noun
the process of producing or forming something. glassmaking; (also adjective) the road-making industry.
ˌmake-beˈlieve noun
the act or art of pretending and imagining. a world of make-believe; (also adjective) a make-believe world.
ˈmake-ˌover noun
a (complete) change in a person's appearance made by cosmetic treatment, new hairstyle, new clothes etc.
ˈmakeshift adjective
temporary and usually of poor quality. a makeshift garden shed.
ˈmake-up noun
1. cosmetics applied to the face etc. She never wears any make-up.
2. the set, or combination, of characteristics or ingredients that together form something, eg a personality; composition. Violence is just not part of his make-up.
have the makings of
to have the clear ability for becoming. Your son has the makings of an engineer.
in the making
being made or formed at this very moment. A revolution is in the making.
make a/one's bed
to tidy and straighten the sheets, blankets etc on a bed after it has been used. The children make their own beds every morning.
make believe
to pretend (that). The children made believe they were animals.
make do (with with)
to use something as a poor-quality or temporary alternative to the real thing. There's no meat, so we'll have to make do with potatoes.
make for
to go towards. We're making for home.
make it
to be successful. After twenty years, we've finally made it.
make it up
1. to become friends again after a quarrel. It's time you two made it up (with each other).
2. to give compensation or make amends for something. I'm sorry – I'll make it up to you somehow.
make (something) of (something)
to understand (something) by or from (something). What do you make of all this?
make out
1. to see, hear or understand. He could make out a ship in the distance.
2. to make it seem that. He made out that he was earning a huge amount of money.
3. to write or fill in. The doctor made out a prescription.
4. (slang) to kiss, hug and caress; to neck. They were making out in the back seat.
make over
(American) to change something or turn it into something else. They made over the room as an office; The plastic surgeon made her face over.
make up
1. to invent. He made up the whole story.
2. to compose or be part(s) of. The group was made up of doctors and lawyers.
3. to complete. We need one more player – will you make up the number(s)?
4. to apply cosmetics to (the face). I don't like to see women making up (their faces) in public.
5. to become friends again (after a quarrel etc). They've finally made up (their disagreement).
make up for
to supply a reward, substitute etc for disappointment, damage, loss (of money or time) etc. Next week we'll try to make up for lost time.
make up one's mind
to make a decision. He finally made up his mind about the job.
make up to
to try to gain the favour or love of by flattery etc. She's always making up to the teacher by bringing him presents.

made of is used in speaking of the material from which an object is constructed etc: This table is made of wood/plastic/steel .
made from is used in speaking of the raw material from which something has been produced by a process of manufacture: Paper is made from wood/rags .
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مَاركَةٌ, يَجْعَلُ, يَصْنَع, يَصْنَعُ přimět, udělat, vyrobit, značka lave, mærke, tvang Machart, machen, zwingen κατασκευάζω, μάρκα, υποχρεώνω, φτιάχνω fabricación, fabricar, hacer, marca, obligar pakottaa, tehdä, tuotemerkki, valmistaa fabriquer, faire, marque marka, natjerati, stvarati, učiniti fare, fattura ・・・を作る, ・・・製, させる, 作る 만들다, 시키다, 제품, (…을) 하다 dwingen, maken, model lage, merke, tvinge marka, robić, zmusić, zrobić fazer, marca, obrigar заставить, изготавливать, марка, сделать få någon att, göra, märke ทำ, ทำ สร้าง, ผู้ผลิต, สั่งให้ทำ yapım, yapmak, yaptırmak chế tạo, khiến ai đó, nhãn hiệu, tạo ra 使, , 制造, 发表
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vi. hacer; [money] ganar;
[earn] How much do you ___ ?¿Cuánto gana usted?, ¿cuánto ganas tú?;
to ___ believefingir;
to ___ fun ofburlarse de;
to ___ knowndeclarar;
to ___ mistakeshacer errores; equivocarse;
to ___ no differenceno tener importancia;
to ___ sensetener sentido;
to ___ sureasegurarse;
to ___ up [time]recobrar el tiempo perdido;
to ___ up one's minddecidirse.
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THE President is to have power, "by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the senators present concur." Though this provision has been assailed, on different grounds, with no small degree of vehemence, I scruple not to declare my firm persuasion, that it is one of the best digested and most unexceptionable parts of the plan.
Then he bathed in an alabaster pool and brushed his shaggy hair and whiskers the wrong way to make them still more shaggy.
No doubt they occasionally do make an attack, and are then beaten; and if not cured, they are destroyed; so that habit, with some degree of selection, has probably concurred in civilising by inheritance our dogs.
9th, 10th, and part of the 12th (for the 11th was Sunday) I took wholly up to make me a chair, and with much ado brought it to a tolerable shape, but never to please me; and even in the making I pulled it in pieces several times.
The undersigned will make an excursion as above during the coming season, and begs to submit to you the following programme:
The shawl that was flung over her - we had not begun to hunt her with a shawl, nor to make our bodies a screen between her and the draughts, nor to creep into her room a score of times in the night to stand looking at her as she slept.
But Aunt Myra spoke, and he could not resist the temptation to make light of her advice, and let Rose brave the cold.
The last time we heard of monks and priests they were the friends of the people, doing their best to teach them and make them happy.
This Professor Bumper did, being able to make himself understood in the queer part-Spanish dialect used by the native Hondurians, though he could not, of course, speak it as fluently as had Jacinto.
"King George," said he, "has sent his great canoe to destroy the fort, and make slaves of all the inhabitants.
As I was coming along, our Portuguese pilot, who had always something or other to say to make us merry, told me he would show me the greatest rarity in all the country, and that I should have this to say of China, after all the ill-humoured things that I had said of it, that I had seen one thing which was not to be seen in all the world beside.