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n.1.A feigning to believe; make believe.
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9 -- The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), performing its political dance gyration, has been provoking the people to live in a mythical, make-belief world in Hollywood/Kollywood dreams.
There is little prospect of a mass Bangladeshi migration to the Indian Dream, which remains largely confined to the make-belief world of Indian cinema, plus a handful of pockets of prosperity, mostly in the north and the northeast, where Hindi is spoken.
I think some people leave that make-belief world behind when they get to a certain point in life, but I think if writers are honest, they never do," she said.
We would also do things as if "play play" and afterwards that make-belief reality would be connected to Maths, History or other subjects.
Even if one were to overlook the fallaciousness of such make-belief stories, the fact remains that in the 6th century BCE Sri Lanka was inhabited by other people, e.
Make-belief You is Ed Sheeran-like acoustic with added rock bite.
Forming a ring around these leaders and facing only each other, the real world fades into the background and the make-belief world becomes the only available image of reality.
If Inception and Star Wars are too make-belief, Allen is 'too funny' for the Oscars.
The label has been useful, for those who dared criticize a regime, or demanded basic rights (such as food) could then be dubbed enemies of whatever make-belief revolution the men in power championed.
From dining in darkness and going back in time aboard a make-belief Titanic, to sitting in an acrylic shell beneath the surface of the sea, here are some quirky additions to the existing culinary landscape.
Bora noted, "There is indeed a crisis of social relevance today in the world of make-belief glossy high budget Bollywood films made to entertain, and on the other hand there has been the gradual decline in some regional cinema in India.
Protesters also staged a make-belief burial of the Academy by mummifying a young woman and then making her ressurect the way 'Bulgarian science will rise from the dead because it is strong.