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The module offers short make-ready time and offers industrial-grade Ethernet connection, amongst a number of comprehensive I/O options.
The module offers short make-ready time and industrial-grade Ethernet connection.
"Screenprinting processes can take as long as two days to set up, whereas with digital enhancement the make-ready time is as short as a few minutes because the application data is all on file," said Nixon.
The shaftless drive system, which controls the press by electrically synchronizing all the drive motors without mechanical shafts, enables shorter make-ready time. The DIAMONDSPIRIT also incorporates many newly developed improvements in terms of reducing energy consumption, paper waste, and noise, as well as cutting plate costs in half, resulting in lower running costs and a more pleasant operating environment.
The solution also provides a more stable gray axis, meaning better press stability, superior color representation, easier press control, and reduced make-ready time. With the added ink savings, users realize faster ink drying time, improved run performance, greater printing speed, and faster finishing.
The semi-automatic system reduces the make-ready time by up to 75%, the company notes,
As well as reducing make-ready time by up to 75 per cent and so increasing machine utilisation, Krones says that mould change-overs are always carried out with the same consistent quality, and since no tools are required they are less onerous for the operator.
The WideArray allows operators to change web widths on the fly without the need for complicated, maintenance-prone mechanical edge-seeking devices, thereby speeding make-ready time. Since the WideArray does not require manual recalibration, operators can electronically adjust the guide point anywhere within the detection range through the use of an easy-to-mount remote station.
First is the OptiNota H foil application unit, which applies foils in both stripe and patch form to banknotes at the rate of 10,000 sheets per hour and which has been re-engineered to reduce the make-ready time by up to 80%.
In today's printing marketplace, the high cost of preparing the type and the lengthy press make-ready time more than offset the operational economy.
The semi-automatic system reduces the make-ready time by up to 75 percent, thus creating a higher level of overall equipment effectiveness.
An alternative could involve inkjet imaging; if successful, make-ready time and waste could fall significantly, improving the competitive position of offset.