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Noun1.makeready - final preparation and adjustmentsmakeready - final preparation and adjustments  
preparation, readying - the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose; "preparations for the ceremony had begun"
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At the end of the day, this combination of the two production steps in a single pass means a downright doubling of the die-cutting throughput, while makeready times and costs for die cutting tools can be reduced to half of the previously required.
is a worldwide supplier of quality stamping foils, decorative glitter and makeready supplies.
The agreement is for FFPS only and does not impact the Xerox workflow solutions that carry a FreeFlow sub-brand name (FreeFlow Core, FreeFlow VI Suite, FreeFlow Makeready and FreeFlow Digital Publisher).
Software Office Gemini Dokmee Capture incluido y apoyado por Xerox FreeFlow Makeready.
Platinum White technology improves on rotary screen technology by enabling increased press speeds, adhesion to many challenging substrates, overprint ability with standard UV letterpress, UV and water-based flexo inks and coatings, better color separations, faster makeready times and reduced consumable costs.
The company's Xerox iGen3 presses are powered by Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP Print Servers and use Xerox FreeFlow Makeready, Xerox FreeFlow Print Manager and Xerox FreeFlow Scanner 665E, software and hardware that improve efficiency by reducing prepress time, enabling late-stage editing, automating print management with load balancing and enhancing image quality, the company said.
Maravelas starts with a basic discussion of letterpress printing, including its differences from other kinds of printing; after this gesture toward definition and history, he moves quickly on to such essentials as measurement, typographical surfaces and different kinds of type, before tackling the steps of printing--from setting type to locking up a form, from inking a press to adjusting makeready.
It achieves outstanding efficiency through intensive pursuit of reduction of waste paper and shortening of makeready time.
Improvements in FreeFlow Makeready include imposition options that optimize how documents are positioned on a page, while Xerox FreeFlow Output Manager 2.
Shown during the opening reception of "TABOO" at the Makeready Press/Gallery 214 is artist Liron Sissman alongside her work (bottom left), "Finding the G-Spot otherwise known as Pollination," an oil on canvas.
The material is organized in conformity with the main tasks of PIA/GATF's Sheetfed Offset Press Training Curriculum, presenting sections on the history and basic principles of the sheetfed offset press, safety, the feeder system, the sheet register system, the delivery system, the printing unit, the inking system, the dampening system, press makeready, and press production.