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n. pl. ma·ki·mo·nos
A horizontal Japanese decorative scroll featuring pictures or calligraphy.

[Japanese, scroll : maki, rolled + mono, thing.]


n, pl makimonos or makimono
a decorative Japanese scroll


(ˌmɑ kəˈmoʊ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos, -no.
a horizontal Japanese hand scroll bearing text or a captioned painting.
[1880–85; < Japanese]
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On a recent evening, a pregnant woman sipped a mocktail while holding forth on the oceans worth of raw makimono she plans to order after she gives birth.
We decided to graze the extensive menu of makimono, sushi and sashimi.
The sashimi, sushi and makimono should definitely be tried as starters to a large meal.
When it comes to the makimono, rolls of seaweed wrapped in rice and enclosed with fillings, the spicy shake maki is a great option, which is made from salmon and filled with Japanese mayonnaise, spring onions and chili powder.
The menu offers a good variety of tantalizing Japanese dishes from sushi and sashmi to temaki and makimono.
Jewel Bako was the first, and it has since been joined by Jewel Bako Makimono, a casual offshoot of the original; Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar, a New Orleans-influenced raw bar in a 19th-century coach house; and Grace's Kalbi Bar, a Korean barbecue place that, according to Mr.
25 (if you want uni with quail egg), makimono - rolls with crab, eel, salmon or shrimp, at $3.
A selection of Japanese specialties, including Makimono rolls, as well as re-imagined offerings like low-carb rolls, in downtown Sarasota.
Other special makimono included fire dragon maki ($15, soy bean wrap, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, spiced salmon and Japanese spicy mayo); rainbow maki ($11.
Makimono, or rolled sushi, choices range from faux crab/avocado/cucumber/flying fish roe maki at $5.
The well organized and accessorized sushi bar is in the center rear of the dining room, and while it doesn't dominate the room, it does provide a visible stage for Kenichi's sushi chefs (Kenny and Bobby Huang) to create a dizzying array of sushi, sashimi and makimonos.