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n. pl. ma·kos
Either of two mackerel sharks of the genus Isurus, especially the fast-moving shortfin mako (I. oxyrinchus), a popular game fish. Also called mako shark.



n, pl -kos
1. (Animals) any shark of the genus Isurus, esp I. glaucus of Indo-Pacific and Australian seas: family Isuridae
2. NZ the teeth of the mako worn as a decoration by early Māoris
[from Māori]


(ˈmɑːkəʊ) or


n, pl -kos
1. (Plants) Also called: wineberry a small evergreen New Zealand tree, Aristotelia serrata: family Elaeocarpaceae
2. (Animals) NZ another name for bellbird2
[from Māori]


(ˈmeɪ koʊ, ˈmɑ-)

n., pl. -kos.
a powerful mackerel shark, Isurus oxyrinchus.
[1840–50; < Maori]
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Noun1.mako - powerful mackerel shark of the Atlantic and Pacificmako - powerful mackerel shark of the Atlantic and Pacific
mackerel shark - fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
genus Isurus, Isurus - mako sharks
Isurus oxyrhincus, shortfin mako - very swift active bluish shark found worldwide in warm waters; important game fish
Isurus paucus, longfin mako - similar to shortfin mako but darker blue
blue pointed, bonito shark, Isurus glaucus - common blue-grey shark of southwest Pacific; sport and food fish
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