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(Currencies) the plural of likuta


(lɪˈku tə)

n., pl. ma•ku•ta (mɑˈku tə)
a monetary unit of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, equal to 1/100 of the zaire.
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The following upgrading of clinics, Lerala, Nata, Mabutsane, Molapowabojang, Charleshill, Kgwatlheng, Middlepits, Mosetse, Gopong, Ditshegwane, Tswaaneng, Zwenshambe, Paje, Xhaoga, Sekoma, Matlhakola, Semitwe and Makuta cannot be accommodated in 2018/19 owing to financial constraints across government.
Fernando Ortiz Researched nkongo Bantu-Congolese: Conga a dance a circle, Makuta cows charge into The rhythm Listen how distance condenses Throw step and bop head I am below the Niger River Scribble Calligraphy on the Sahara sand Moving down the wind comes And away blow designs.
Second, for a company that depends on automation to run things 16 hours a day in a plant empty of people, Makuta places strong emphasis on its human resources, emphasizing close collaboration, communication, and cultivating the individual talents of its team members.
Some 600 artists are executing the f/x at 18 facilities around the world, led by Makuta and Firefly in Hyderabad, Prasad EFX in Hyderabad and Chennai, Tau Films in the U.
Some of the well known micro molders include Accumold, ALC Precision, Micromold Inc, American Precision Products, Makuta Technics, Micromolding Solutions, Micro Precision Products, Precimold Inc, Rolla AG, Rapidwerks, Stack Plastics, Stamm and Sovrin Plastics among others.
Los conjuntos mas empleados son los tambores makuta y los yuka, los primeros son gruesos y los segundos mas finos, ambos tipos de tambores son unimembranofonos.
Best Special Effects - Eega (Telugu) Makuta VFX (Rajat Kamal medal and Rs 50,000)
Andhra Pradesh, March 19 -- Makuta VFX is pleased to announce that Raja Koduri is appointed as Chief Technical Advisor to Makuta's board of directors.
The satyrid butterfly, Ragadia makuta Horsfield was studied in lowland dipterocarp rainforest in Sabah, Borneo.
40) Thomas Comber, an early British Baptist missionary visiting the city in 1878, also observed caravans from Zombo, Makuta, and other places taking peanuts and ivory to the Atlantic ports of Ambriz and Ambrizette.